Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This Morning...

I was coming off the high of yesterday's first day back at homeschooling going off without a hitch when the universe decided to conspire against my family. It all started about 4:30 this morning. I got up to...ya know...relieve myself and when I got back into bed, I thought I heard a car horn. So I drug my half asleep self to the door to see if anything was going on outside. Nothing, but something felt a little off. Couldn't put my finger on what so I went back to bed but didn't fall back asleep until after 5:30. When the alarm went off at 6, I was not a happy person so I stayed in bed until hubby got showered and dressed. In one of those moods, I went about getting myself ready. Hubby's office is on the property so he doesn't have a very long commute to work so I was wondering why he was already calling me from the office. Our conversation went something like this: Me: Hello? Him: Flood, bring towels and anything to soak up water! Me: crap! I am not in a talkative mood when I'm sleepy.
So I get the kids and all the towels I can find and head next door to the office which is also my laundry room. The significance of that little fact will be revealed now. Remember when I said that something didn't feel right when I got up to check on that horn? Well, last night I set the washer on delay so that it would have the towels washed before I got up so I could start them drying first thing this morning. It would have been washing about 4:30 this morning. Apparently, the valve that connects the hoses to the water line got a pinhole in it and was spraying water all.over.the.office! Well, not all over the whole office. Just all over my dad's desk, phone books, maps, computer, phone, notes, paper. I might add that his desk is made of plywood that hubby built and backs up to my washer. The walls are covered in pine boards that we got locally and the floor has laminate wood flooring where the desks are and carpet where the washer and dryer are. This was NOT what I wanted to wake up to. I didn't even get a cup of coffee until after the bulk of the clean up was done. We moved everything out that could be moved and cut out the carpet that was ruined. Fortunately, dad's desk was ok because hubby sealed it when he built it and I hung up his books and papers in front of a fan to help dry them. The wood floor will have to be pulled up. It was already buckling when hubby walked in. He was so cute (pathetic) when he told me that he was walking up to the door when he saw all this water in front of the door. He thought we got some rain last night until he realized that the water was coming from under the door ON THE INSIDE! So, we got all of that cleaned up so they could work and about an hour later, hubby comes to the kitchen and gets a bottle of whiskey out of the pantry. That can only mean one thing. What ELSE happened??? He was sitting in his office chair and heard a pop. The thing always makes weird noises so he didn't think too much of it until the chair threw him out onto the floor. He had just finished telling the boys "I don't know how else today could get much worse". You know God was sitting there giggling as He showed him how it could get worse! Needless to say, today did not get off to a great start. But you know what? I finally did get that coffee. That ugly carpet in the office will finally get replaced and now we have some motivation to move stuff around in there so we can fit the new guy hubby is hiring. So, I guess things aren't quite as bad as they seem before coffee. I am certainly NOT going to ask how they could get worse! Thank you Lord for helping me see the positive instead of focusing so much on the negative.

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