Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Pool Deck

Since we got a new pool last month, the need for a deck around it has been overwhelming. Hubby was going to hire someone to do it but that was just too much money so he decided we would do it ourselves. Kinda like how we do everything. It is a blessing and a curse to be married to someone who knows how to build ANYTHING. He can build it and WE are his work crew (whether willing or not)! We have done quite well if I do say so myself. Here are some photos of our progress.

Here is the pool right after it was finished and filled. It sits about 8 feet from our existing porch.

This is the extension deck that is currently underway.

We had 2 steps made out of brick that had been crumbling so we thought they would be easy to take out so we could put in a support beam. WRONG! It took 4 people, 3 hours and 2 sledge hammers to get those stupid bricks and concrete blocks out!

This picture shows the floor joists all the way to the pool. We're cooking now!

This is where we are right now. We have enough decking done so that we can walk outside and get to the backyard and pool without having to act like an Olympic hurdler! We are about 1/4 of the way done with the decking and 3/4 of the way done with all the support beams. We had to stop building those because we ran out of boards. Hubs forgot to double a number or he added wrong when he was figuring up his materials list. The work has gone pretty well considering one of the days was so hot that we only worked for about 4 hours and another rained off and on all day. What is in these pictures is about 3 days worth of work. Not too shabby.
We will be doing some more remodeling to the back of the house once the deck is done. Can't wait to share those plans with you!

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  1. Tracy,

    I love your new pool and deck! We took our pool down last year, much to the disappointment of my son and daughter, but we'll be putting it back up next spring, LW. Your work crew did a fantastic job so far! I'm inspired by the fact that you're building the pool deck yourselves and will share this with my hubby. :)

    About the vocab book I offered on my blog, please send your mailing address to:, and I'll send the book to you next week when I'm in town!


    Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley :)

    1. We have been getting so much use out of that pool so far. We had a bit of rain and the water got cold so now hubby wants to add a pool heater. I told him ONE project at a time!!!!
      Thank you so much for the book. I am so excited!! Once we are done with it, I will offer it on my blog to someone else so it can make lots of rounds!
      PS-LOVE your blog!

    2. Aw, thanks, Tracy. :) We'll need a heater for our pool, too. Summers just don't get that hot in these parts except for a few weeks here and there; no need for a pool if the water is so cold no one will get in! Looking forward to seeing the deck when you get it finished. :)

  2. Yes I agree the new pool deck of yours is very nice I want to take a bath on your pool. Any way I'd like also the page post of pool decking in Katy tx.

    1. Thank you!! We finally finished (most of) it. I'll post some new pics soon. I checked out the link...Very Nice!

  3. Great! You’ve got a pool and a deck wrapped-around it. Others might see it as an additional expense, but you can think of it as a way to increase the value of your property and further the investment you made on the pool. :D You can go from sunbathing to diving into the pool in a matter of seconds. Nice!

    1. We really gave that pool and deck a workout this summer! Thanks for reading :)


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