Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Sewing

Growing up, no one I knew could sew. When I was in my early teens, the bug bit me and I set out to teach myself. This was back in the olden days. You know, before the internet! I hung out at our local Ben Franklin store and oogled the patterns, sewing notions and fabrics. When I was about 15, my mom bought me my first sewing machine. I was in love. I had the darndest time trying to figure it out but I kept on trying. I never really produced anything more than a pillow, I think. It has only been in the last 5-6 years that I have really learned how to use that sewing machine (yes, I still have it and it runs beautifully). Even though I haven't turned out any clothing, other than an old fashioned prairie dress for my daughter when she was in 1st grade and needed a costume, I can whip up some curtains or aprons in no time flat! I really want to learn how to do more. My daughter wants to learn how to make some skirts and I would love to do some quilting. This particular dvd really makes sewing look quite easy. I love how they explain everything they are doing and give you tips to make things go easier. They start off showing you how to make a pillow, pillowcase and blanket for a doll. If you have daughters or granddaughters, this is an awesome skill to possess! Then they move on to making an adorable blanket that is kind of quilt-like. Then it is on to skirts and tops. All along the way, you get to see step-by-step what they are doing and talking about. I love that they are so joyful in sharing this skill that, again, is obvious they have grown up doing. We have lost such an appreciation for the home arts, relegating them to simple drudgery that must be done. I prefer to think of these skills as the necessary tools that I need to have in order to be good at my "job" which is taking care of my home and family. Why do some people look down on that???? Anyway, this is just another wonderful dvd that I have found so informative. If you are a seasoned seamstress, there probably isn't much you will glean from it but, if you're like me and don't have a firm foundation in sewing, this is something that you will find helpful. One thing they show you that I never thought about was transferring patterns (you know, those tissue paper ones that are almost impossible to use without ripping!)to fabric if you are going to be using them quite a bit. The fabric pattern can then be pinned or even just stuck to the fabric you are cutting out depending on what type of fabric you are using. I really enjoy watching these dvd's (and rewatching them) and I know you will too.

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