Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Candle Making

I have yet to come across anyone who doesn't like candles. The glow they give off is so relaxing and, if they are scented, they smell sooooo good. I am a major candle freak. I love to have one burning in the house throughout the day to make things smell nice and who doesn't love candlelit dinners????
This dvd shows you the basics of candle making. They make beautiful tapers among other shapes. One thing I just didn't realize about candle making was just how much wax you need. They have a very large can (maybe a gallon can) filled with melted beeswax and more in another pan heating for replenishing the larger can. The steps for making tapered candles seem very simple. Heat the very large container of beeswax, cut your wick and weight it with a small washer or something then dip in wax. Hang for 30 seconds. Dip again. Hang for 30 seconds. Dip again....See a pattern developing. They couldn't agree on exactly how many dips it took to get the tapers at the right thickness but they all agreed it was a bunch. Once they got them to the right thickness, they twisted some together to make beautiful double candles. Now, I am not sure that you will save any money making these candles but it is a useful skill to have. Later in the video, Vicki shows you how to make ornaments using the wax. This is something you could do and sell or give away as gifts. At the end, Vicki and Jasmine show you a way to make a wax globe that is utterly gorgeous. They use a balloon filled with water and dip it in the wax SEVERAL times. The water in the balloon keeps the balloon from exploding when you dip it in the hot wax. After it is dipped enough, they pop the balloon and you have a beautiful globe that you can either fill with more wax and put a wick in to make a candle or you can leave it hollow and use a tea light in it. Either way, they are fantastic.
If you are a crafty person or just someone who likes to make things yourself, this is a great dvd for you.

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