Friday, August 3, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Herbs

Sad, sad day....I watched the last of my Homestead Blessings dvd's :(  Of course I can always re-watch them and I definitely will, but it just isn't the same. I really wish they would do more dvd's. Anyway, this one was really good. See, I really want to grow herbs but I really just don't know much about them. After watching this video, I feel pretty sure it is something I can and will do. I just have to say that the West's gardens are glorious!! Nothing fancy, just simple raised beds and rows but it just looks so inviting. This dvd was filmed in their herb garden and they show you the herbs that they grow and give you tips about growing, harvesting and preserving them. They do a section on making herb butters, herb vinegars and an herb tonic. They also show an extremely simple way to make herbal teas. I honestly had no idea it was so easy! I like that they use herbs, not only for cooking, but for medicinal purposes too. I would much rather use herbs that have centuries worth of history of working then use some man made chemical concoction that could harm me or my family more than it could help. Another thing I loved about this dvd is that it gave me some wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts this year. Eventually, we would like our Christmases to be almost completely homemade. Most of the dvd's in this collection suggest things you could make as gifts that would be so wonderful to give family and friends.
Even though this is the last dvd that I had to watch, I still have some more to do reviews on. Guess I will just have to watch them again to, you know, get them fresh in my mind!

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