Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Things Around the Farm

I was going through some photos on my computer and I thought I would share some. No particular reason, just wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

Hubby and I were mowing the grass together one evening. I was in Big Green (the tractor) and he was zipping around on Mini Green (our new 0 turn radius mower). We were both mowing in the same section and when I turned and came back for another pass, I saw he mowed a heart in the grass for me. What a sweetie! Of course I had my phone with me so I snapped a pic of his sweetness!!

A few days later, I was mowing around some of the pecan trees in the pasture and everytime I passed by this little fella (a baby bluejay I believe) he would watch me, then promply close his eyes when I passed by. After a few passes, he decided I was making entirely too much noise so he hopped away to find someplace quieter to nap.

This is my pathetic attempt at growing carrots. Yes folks, this is supposed to be a carrot. We have very dense clay soil and I bought seeds specifically for clay soils but this is what all of them look like. The only thing worse than my carrot growing abilities is my photography of said carrots!

This is my dog Lilly. She knows she is not supposed to be on the bed but I caught her one morning when I was going to make the bed. She stuck her head under the pillow as soon as I walked in. Bad doggie!!!

I don't even remember what month I took this in. Probably May or maybe beginning of June. Whenever it was, it was the LAST nice morning we had. I was enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee on the porch and it was so beautiful out. Now I have to enjoy my hot coffee sitting in front of a fan so I don't melt! (If you look closely, you can see the tan line on my ankles! Farmer tan for legs!)

This was the only thing I found beautiful at Walmart that day!

Well, there you have it. Just some pics I had in the ole computer.

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