Monday, August 6, 2012

Our School Schedule

It is almost that time again. Yes, we will be starting our homeschooling again next Monday, the 13th. What is it about the beginning of school that gets me all into my organizational mode?? I love all the planning and the schedule making. Sometimes, we even FOLLOW the schedule! I thought I would post our TENTATIVE school schedule so you could see how we do it here.

7 am     Twin's wake up, get dressed. Take dogs out and feed them, feed cats and let chickens out of
             the coop and take care of personal hygiene (brush teeth, hair, etc)
8 am     Start personal chores such as making beds, bringing dirty clothes to laundry room, 
            straighten up rooms. Eat breakfast.
9-9:30  Bible Time-they read independently the whole time.

   11:30 School Lessons

    1 pm  Lunch, clean up, quiet time

1-3         Finish Lessons
3-4         Each one practices piano for 30 minutes while the other finishes projects or has free time
4-6:30   Afternoon chores (Not many now but will increase once we get more farm animals)
              Free time.
    7:30  Dinner and dishes
7:30-8   Showers
8-9        Family tv time (will probably be family swim time until it gets cool out so showers will
             get done afterwards)
9 pm     Bed time

Now, will our days look like this all the time? Uh, no. I am hoping that they will loosely resemble this schedule more often than not. As we actually get going, we will alter the schedule and change things that don't work but isn't that one of the great things about homeschooling? Our schedule is configured for OUR family, not a whole school district! We can change things to suit what we are doing at the time without having to get permission from anyone. I love that!!!! Not to mention that I know exactly what my kids are learning because I am right there teaching them. I really don't know why I didn't start homeschooling from the beginning but I have done it since 4th grade (they are starting 7th this year) and I would highly recommend this to ALL parents. Plus, look at how much time I get to spend with my kids. This is time that I will never have again so I am taking full advantage of it!

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