Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Gardening

With the way the world is going these days, gardening is taking on a whole new meaning. It isn't something only our grandparents did and we are planting much more than flowers. In this dvd, the West Ladies bring you to their home garden. And what a garden it is! I don't remember if they say exactly how many acres they garden on but I can tell you it's a bunch! I think they grow just about everything that will grow in their area. They show you how they grow veggies (and some flowers)in raised beds and in containers, potatoes in the potato patch, composting and so much more. I really like the segment on potatoes because I have been wanting to grow some but wasn't sure how to do it since you don't "bury" the potato in soil. CeCe and Hannah planted a whole row of potatoes in a matter of minutes simply by putting down newspaper, then the potatoes, then covering them with straw. So simple. I also loved the composting section. I want to make a compost pile but, when you read about that on the internet, so many people make it sound complicated. "You must have a perfect balance of 'green' to 'brown' stuff or your compost will not work", "you must work it everyday for a year before you can use it" blah blah blah. These ladies show you that composting is very close to idiot proof. Like Vicki West says, it is all gonna rot anyway no matter how much or how little you put in. I also thought it was so funny that 2 of her girls are barefoot throughout the dvd. Shoes are a hard thing to keep on my girl, too!
Watch this dvd and you will be inspired to garden, too!

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