Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Warning About ParaNorman

Yesterday, we took the kids to see the movie ParaNorman. Big mistake. Not that the movie was terrible or anything (ok, it wasn't superb either), just NOT a movie for kids. Which I find a bit weird since it is a stop motion animated movie geared towards kids, rated PG and marketed towards kids. My kids will be 13 soon and I was cringing through quite a bit of the movie. The premise is that there is this kid, Norman, who sees and talks to dead people. That part was cute and funny. The not so cute and funny part? The humor contained A LOT of innuendo that I am uncomfortable with my kids seeing and hearing.

In one scene, there is a restaurant in the town called Witchy Weiners (the town is famous for executing a witch during the 1700's). Towards the end of the movie, when the zombies and townspeople are fighting, the "W" is no longer lit up on the sign so it reads Itchy Weiners. I was hoping the kids didn't notice it but my son elbowed me in the ribs about it.

In another scene, the school bully complains to Norman about being stuck in the Town Hall Records room when there is an Adult Video Store just down the street.

The most shocking scene to me was at the end when Norman's scantily clad sister was making a move on the jock by trying to get him to take her on a date and he responds with "You'll love my boyfriend. He's into chick flicks." Really?
A gay teenager in a kids movie? It was so out of place and uncalled for.

The movie had some funny parts but I was completely irritated at the bad choices that were made concerning the content of this film. In another scene, grandma calls her son a "jackass". IN A KID'S MOVIE!!!!

I wish someone had told me these things before I took my kids because I NEVER would have taken them. The movie trailer that has been showing in the theaters didn't show any inappropriateness at all. I was surprised by the things in this film and I don't shock or surprise easily. Save yourself the money, time and your children's innocence and forget about this one!

Due to the fact that a few people have left some very nasty comments about this particular post, I will no longer be allowing comments on it. I completely understand if my view of this movie is not yours. We all have our own opinions but, because this is MY blog, MY opinions are the ones that I will write about. I welcome any discussion as long as the commentors can act like an adult.  


  1. Put the wind back in your bag of self riteousness and grow a brain then learn how to use it. If you want to complain about a movie rated PG ( RED FLAG! RED FLAG! MOVIE MAY CONTAIN CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR IGNORANT PARENTS! ), then maybe you should start with not taking your kids to rated PG movies.

    Bad parrenting strikes again. So much for "common?" sense.

  2. Wow! Someone has a lot of pent up anger. You have a right to your opinion as much as I have a right to mine. Yes, it was a PG movie but my kids were almost 13 at the time and can handle a PG movie. If you ask them, they will even tell you that it was a bit inappropriate at times. As far as bad parenting goes, I have to disagree with you. Again, ask my kids. They think I am pretty awesome. Now, here are a few little helpful hints for you. First, if you do not like the content on my blog, don't read it. Very simple. Second, if you are going to put a complaint into writing, you might want to use spell check.

  3. if you didn't want flaming commentary or the opportunity to be offended at something, you wouldn't have activated a comments section on your blog.

    that said, the fact that an "itchy weiners" joke (in an animated feature) is your first complaint only exposes you as someone with a prudish mentality. you're uptight, so be it.

    the fact that you are aghast at the presence of a gay teenager in a "kids'" movie does a bit more than expose your prudence. it shows intolerance. this is your blog, and i encourage you to air your personal grievances - that way it's easier to avoid you.

    and the spellcheck comment is just bush-league. this is the internet, remember?

  4. You are right about one thing. This is MY blog featuring MY opinion. If you don't agree, by all means, DON'T read it! There are many types of people with different thresholds for what they consider acceptable. I don't push my opinion as the ONLY way to think just as I don't want anyone pushing their opinion on me as the only correct one.
    Yes, this is the internet so you and the other commentor would be better off picking a blog closer to your own beliefs and not trashing those that share a different view.


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