Monday, August 13, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Soapmaking

In the blogging world, soapmaking is a HUGE topic. Everyone is making their own hand soap, dish soap, body wash, etc. This dvd shows you several different soaps from everyday soaps to decorative soaps to soap balls and hand milled soaps. The only thing about the soaps that keeps nagging at me is the fact that they use lye in their basic soap recipe. Now, I know years ago, lye was used in just about all the soap. However, I have seen some articles about the dangers of lye and it makes me think twice about wanting to use it in my soap. I will have to do more research on that before I make these soaps. Now I do have to say that Vicki's decorative soaps are adorable. They would make fine gifts for friends and family or you could make them to sell at craft fairs or farmers markets for a little extra cash.  Ka-ching!!!
This was a very informative video and they show you every step you need to know to make this yourself. If it wasn't for the lye aspect, I would be making all these soaps pronto! Christmas is coming and homemade is the theme this year!


  1. Oh dear, actually all the soap bars you buy at the store are made with lye. Basically, you can't have soap without lye. I know it seems scary, and it kinda makes you think of some old lady in her backyard with a big kettle mixing up some toxic concoction, but really it's not that bad. I have been making my own soap for several months now. It's not even as precise as some make it out to be. I did follow a recipe for the first few times, but then it's like making bread, you come up with your own ideas. LOL
    C'mon, take the plunge! I know you can do it!

    Anonymous Homesteader

  2. I had no idea there was lye in all soap!! Learn something new everyday!! Ok, I will take the plunge, you have convinced me!!!


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