Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Product Review: Coomb's Family Farms Organic Maple Syrup

For years, I would put those little bottles shaped like log cabins, full of who-knows-what syrup into my grocery cart and think nothing of it. I saw the price of real maple syrup and thought only weird foodies would pay so much money when the "fake" stuff was so cheap...Then I became one of those weird foodies. It seems that the need to eat "clean" is addictive. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for hidden chemicals, unpronouncable ingredients and non edible ingredients that are added to food. I was never one who needed organic things because I thought that was just a way to make the cost of my food go up. However, the more I learn about food, the more I realize that organic, even though it costs a lot, is the best option if you can afford it. I have stumbled upon a product that, in my opinion, is worthy of showcasing.
Coombs Family Farms Organic 100% Maple Syrup. THAT is a mouthful! A delicious one at that! I had been buying store brand 100% Maple Syrup at the grocery store and paying about $8 for 7 oz. The taste was fine but it was a little watery. I happened to get an email from Amazon about this syrup being on sale so I decided to try some. The price was about $22 for 32 oz. Pretty good compared to what I was paying before. The first time I tried it, I knew it was a keeper. This syrup is very thick. Not watery like the store brand. More importantly, the taste is fantastic. I saw on Amazon that the price is even lower now, especially with Subscribe and Save (this is where you sign up for automatic delivery of products). I paid $17.31 (free shipping, too!) for 32 oz. of ORGANIC 100% Maple Syrup!! YUM! I just ordered it at this price yesterday, so you can do the same if you are so inclined.

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