Monday, April 9, 2012

Back To The Routine

I hope everyone had a joyous Easter. I know we sure did. Sorry for the little break in posting but I had some family come up so I was kept pretty busy. Busy and full! My goodness did we eat! My cousin brought steaks for Saturday's cookout. I have no idea what cut of meat it was but it was an inch and a quarter of beefy deliciousness!!  Sunday we brought out the old standby, Honey Baked Ham. Geez I love Honey Baked Ham.  Many happy family memories for me have to do with Honey Baked Ham. My daughter made a sweet little bunny cake for us.

I used to make this cake with the older kids when they were little. It has kind of become a tradition.

Things around the farm have been perking up quite nicely. I haven't lost any of the plants I planted so I am hopeful for a good harvest. While I was out watering one of the gardens, I found this little guy munching on my carrot leaves:
We named him Sheldon. Get it, Shell-Don??? Baby boy is so witty with the words! We took Sheldon down to the pond and turned him loose FAR away from my garden. Believe me, Sheldon is much cuter than what my cats dragged into the yard. Let's just say it was furry, in the rodent family and in 3 different pieces. YUCK!!!! The dog tried eating it and when I yelled at her she tried rolling on top of it!!!! BLECH!!!

We have been busy looking at floor plans and dreaming of our new house. The planning stages are so fun to me because that's where the dreaming happens. There are so many options available and the price is in the right far!

I will be going to Florida this weekend to see my cousin get married. I am so happy for her. She has been with her boyfriend for a very long time and I am glad they are finally "making it legal". They are a sweet couple. Hubby can't go because of work but the twins and I will be taking my mom. It is her niece that is getting married so a lot of her family will be there that she hasn't seen in a couple of years. I know she is sooooo looking forward to it. She spent her entire life being only a few miles away from most of her family and, when she and dad moved to Georgia, it was a bit rough on her for awhile. This weekend will be good for her. I promise I will get on a better posting schedule when I get back from FL.
I will leave you with some words of wisdom from my 12 yr old son. He told me the other day that he heard on tv that we need to watch out for older drivers because they are slowly losing their minds. I'll try and keep that in mind while driving around Florida :)

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