Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chuck Roast

Since we had a steer butchered last month, we have been very well stocked with beef. Before we did this, I hardly ever bought beef from the store. Mainly, because it is gross but also because of the price. Beef is EXPENSIVE!(only when you buy from the grocery store) We always made do with the venison hubby harvested from our property for our meat needs but now I have 2 freezers overflowing with wonderful grass fed beef just waiting for me to cook it. I pulled a chuck roast out the other day to thaw. The next afternoon I browned it, with a little olive oil and salt/pepper, in a cast iron dutch oven. Just got some color on both sides. I took the meat out and set is aside and tossed in a couple of onions that I peeled and cut into fourths. I peeled about 8 carrots and cut them up into 3 inch chuncks and tossed them in with the onions. I didn't leave them in long enough to cook them, just brown them a bit. Then I put the meat back in the dutch oven and arranged the veggies around the sides. Then I poured about a cup of beef broth in the pan, just enough to come halfway up the sides of the roast. I sprinkled on some fresh rosemary from my mom in laws  garden and some more salt and pepper. I put the cover on and stuck it in a 275 degree oven. It was a 5 lb. roast so it took about 4 1/2 hours to cook all the way. You know it is done when you stick a fork in it and the meat just falls apart. Let me tell you, that roast was nothing but pure heaven!!!! The taste of the meat was so wonderful and the texture was awesome. If you can get your hands on a good chuck roast, please make this. Your family will think you are the most amazing person on the face of the earth! I forgot to take a picture before we divided the meat onto our plates, but I did manage to take a pic of my plate. The picture cannot do it justice! It could also be that I am a lousy photographer!
The carrots and onions were sooooo good! Please make this, you will NOT be disappointed! If you don't recognize the recipe, it is from Pioneer Woman's 1st cookbook. If you do not have this cookbook, what are you waiting for????

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