Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smelly House

This may seem a little weird to be talking about but it has become a dilemma in our house. Why does cooking some healthy veggies make your house smell like....well....butt? Stay with me here. The other night, I roasted some cauliflower because I just loves me some roasted cauliflower. After dinner, I had to go run an errand and, when I walked back into my house, WHAM! The butt smell assaulted my nostrils! It didn't smell like that while I was cooking or at least I didn't notice it. I can only imagine what visitors would have thought if someone came over.(Thankfully, no one ever comes out to this neck of the woods) So what do you do to keep your house from smelling that way? I can't give up my roasted cauliflower. Or my salmon. Or any of the dozens of other things that make my house smell funky. It is too hot outside to open the windows and I am not a fan of air fresheners because all that does is make the house smell funky AND flower-y! While I am on the topic of funky smells in the house, here is another one that really bothers me. We bought our house from a lovely older couple almost 7 years ago. We have remodeled almost every inch of it. All old flooring has been removed other than our bedroom and the twins bathroom. All walls have been repainted. Yet, sometimes I get a whiff can I say this without offending anyone....old people. It isn't always in the air but sometimes, I just get a whiff of it and I cannot find where it is coming from. The a/c and all the duct work has been replaced so it isn't from that. It is the same smell that was ALL OVER the house the day we moved in and, although it has lessoned quite a bit, it is still there sometimes. And it's gross. I don't know what to do other than to bulldoze the house and start over! Hubby and I actually talked about doing just that last night. No, not because of the weird smells but because the footprint of the house is just not working for us. Our house was originally a hunting cabin of sorts. Then, in the early 70's, it was added on to to make it a house for a small family. Problem was, it was added on to without any thought as to the finished product. The kitchen and dining room are in the center of the house. The master bedroom and ridiculously small living room are on one end of the kitchen and the twins' rooms and bathroom are on the other end, RIGHT OFF THE KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM!!!! While we are eating dinner, we are staring at my daughter's room.(Thank goodness she is tidy!)  And the bathroom is RIGHT THERE so if someone is in there and you are in the kitchen (which we seem to ALWAYS be in the kitchen) you can hear (and smell) everything going on in there. Also, my daughter's room is really small. It is long but very narrow. Only 9 ft. across. The closet is soooo tiny but that was all that could be fit into that space. She doesn't complain but I hate that her room is the size of a walk in closet. Her brother's room is a little better but it only has 1 tiny window on the north side of the house so his room in like a dungeon. he doesn't mind but I do. Then there is that whole issue of the front of our house is actually the back nonsense. We have looked at how much it would cost to remodel the house to get it closer to what we want but, even then, neither of us LOVES the house. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the property! Just not the house. Or the smells. It may actually be better just to knock it down and start over. That way we could have the stuff in the house that we want. Like a soaking tub for me. I miss a nice bathtub! And a room with a closet for my girl (and sound proof walls cuz I am so tired of listening to Taylor Swift over and over and over and over....)And maybe a garage. Yeah, I miss my garage. Especially when it is raining and we have to unload a month's worth of groceries and we get soaked because there is no roof to cover us. And working windows!!! That's a big one. Most of the windows in this house no longer open. Or they have to be propped open with 2x4's. So not attractive. Yeah, I think the old house needs to go. Out with the old and in with the new.....

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