Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meat, Meat and More Meat

Guess what we got??????? Give up??
Notice anything????

How about now?????

Do you see it???

If you guessed a dirty, unorganized office, you would be wrong. We have had THAT forever! Nope, we got meat, meat and more meat!!!! I contacted a farmer here a couple of months ago, that raises grass fed, no hormone beef. We just had our first steer butchered and this is our reward! Actually, there is more but, by the time I got around to taking pictures, we had already given a bunch to my parents and my in laws. Who knew there was soooooo much meat on a steer?! Okay, lots of people do but I didn't. My in laws gave us a chest freezer and it is filled COMPLETELY filled with ground beef. The rest of the meat, and there is plenty, was packed into our upright freezer in the pantry and the freezer under my fridge in the kitchen. There won't be much put into those freezers anytime soon. What a wonderful problem to have, right? Full freezers! I cooked some of the ground meat yesterday and forgot how much fat can be in it. I am so used to cooking with ground venison which has next to no fat that I was really surprised at the grease in the pan. It tasted wonderful, though. For dinner last night, we grilled some T-bones. O.M.G.!!! They were fantastically, yummified deliciousness!!!! (Yeah, I'm teaching my kids grammar. Aren't you proud?!)There was hardly any need for a knife. There was also a moment when hubby grabbed the bone with his fingers and chewed off all the goodness. Pretty sure he would not want me sharing that....
If you EVER get the chance to get REAL grass fed beef, PLEASE do it! The taste is VERY different from the stuff they sell in the grocery stores!!!! It tastes...well, more meaty. I used very little seasoning just so I could see what the meat tasted like and it didn't really need much seasoning. Usually hubby and the kids put SOMETHING on their steak whether its ketchup, ranch dressing or something else. No one used ANYTHING on the meat, it was that good.
Sorry there are no photos of any of the steak because it was scarfed down in a hurry! Trust me, it was good!

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