Friday, May 25, 2012

Lara Bars

I have to admit that I have never eaten a Lara Bar. I have no idea if this recipe is close to it but it is really good. I "lifted" it from Shaye over at The Elliot Homestead. I LOVE her blog. She is so stinking funny and her recipes are awesome. She swears these bars taste like Lara Bars so I will take her word for it. Here is the link to her recipe because I am too lazy to go find it in my recipe mess file and re copy it. Take a few minutes and look around her blog. You won't be disappointed! I will, however, include a picture from the batch I made, just to prove I really did make them!
These are the coconut ones. They were VERY GOOD! I would make more but I can't seem to find any more dates at the store. Is there, like, a season for dates? And what exactly are dates? Are they a fruit? A nut? I haven't a clue but I like 'em. My daughter thinks they are gross but she loved the bars. As soon as I find dates, I will make the PBJ ones. This batch lasted for a week. Only because I hid them in the fridge!

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