Thursday, February 9, 2012


You know how you can go along in life and never really think about certain things? Then one day, out of the blue, BAM! A thought enters your head and no matter how you try to push it out, it remains...and festers, until you just have to give it some consideration. Well, that has happened to me. Now, it isn't anything earth shattering or world changing but it is just something I can't get out of my head. I am thinking of wearing skirts. There, I said it out loud and threw it out into the universe. I asked hubby what he would think of me in skirts more often. I mean, I wear skirts but it is usually only once a month and on a Sunday at that so it isn't like I he has never seen me in one. Hubby (Mr. Practicality) looks at me and says "Well how are you going to mow grass in a skirt?" Hmmmm. Ok, so maybe I won't wear them EXCLUSIVELY but maybe a couple days a week for starters. He then told me that he thought they would probably be cooler in the summer and that maybe he should start wearing one. He would wear a kilt and go commando. Yes, the conversation went downhill from there but he is really sweet about letting me do what I think I need to do without judging. Or laughing. At least not in front of me! So....skirts? Really? I have nothing against them personally. I do have something against my legs, however. My thighs to be exact. I love my legs from mid thigh down but those upper thighs???? They kinda sorta maybe rub together a teensy bit every once in awhile and I CAN'T STAND that feeling. I wear shorts, EVERYDAY! Doesn't matter if it is 100 degrees or 20 degrees. I don't like my legs feeling hot and, as I already stated, I don't like my thighs trying to start a fire, so shorts have been my go to clothing item. I love my shorts. But then again, where is this skirt idea coming from? Certainly not from me. I have never been interested in them. A few blogs I read, the ladies mention that they wear skirts but I have never been one to be easily influenced by others in the clothing dept. What if God is telling me this? What if He wants me to be a bit more feminine? What if I don't listen? Well, I already know the answer to that last one. I have already been "dealt" with when I don't obey Him. More times than I care to admit. I guess I could give this whole skirt thing a try. My daughter has already stated that she wants to wear them more often so I think maybe I will slip one on and see how it goes. Wish me luck...and my thighs!

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