Monday, February 27, 2012


I will be doing a post soon on some stuff that I have been experimenting with. The ones I like and the ones that just didn't work too well. So stay tuned!!!!
Things have been so busy here. With winter a no show, gardening and lawn work has become a top priority. I have an old, old, old lawn mower that I have been babying along just because we can't afford a new one right now. I have a tractor but it is a big one and I can't mow up close to the house with it so I use a riding mower that my parents gave me about 6 years ago. It was pretty beat up then. Hubby keeps ordering stuff to fix it up and, by the end of this summer, it will probably be pretty much new! We have had to replace blades (I am not very good about picking up rocks and sticks before mowing), belts, pulleys, wheels, tires, plugs and I don't even know what the bar between the front tires is but it had to be replaced too. But I really love that thing. Sure, I like plowing up stuff in "Big Green" but my little mower is a lot of fun too. By the way, I LOVE MOWING GRASS! I know, it's a sickness. But we live on 25 acres and I am the chief yard person so it's a very good thing that I love to mow. My in laws live across the road and pop's is a bit anal about keeping his yard all trimmed up. Me, not so much. I do love the little competition we have with each other ,though, so my yard gets mowed whether it needs it or not just so he won't be "one up" on me. I usually fizzle out in September and just let him win. Too many other things that need my attention. He was over the other day saying that he is going to take his mower apart and clean it and do all kinds of stuff to it. I whispered to hubby to get my mower ready pronto so I can get a head start! And so it begins...

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