Friday, February 17, 2012

Hands In The Dirt

Yesterday was awesome! My soul was most definitly fed. Yesterday, I worked outside. The weather has been so mild (mostly) that hubby decided it was time for the ivy to come off the house and out of the ground. I couldn't agree more. I have grown to really hate the stuff. It has grown up to the second story window, all over the closest pecan tree and, pretty much, all around the house. I am sure when the previous owners planted it, they had no idea it would take over. At least I hope they didn't plan to drive me completely crazy with the stuff.

Hubby already pulled the lower half off

Ivy growing on this brick column

Ivy growing and growing and growing....

 I have quite a love-hate relationship with the outside of our house. For one, the color is olive green...or maybe it's army green. Not sure. Anyway, it isn't exactly what I would have chosen. Then there is the random bushes, plants, decorative grasses, trees and bricks that don't seem to have been placed with any thought to their growth pattern.
Honestly, WHAT were they thinking??????

We just had an oak tree removed that was planted under the electric line coming into the house AND planted only a few feet away from the house. That is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. Anyway, hubby got started scraping the ivy of the house and the twins and I got busy ripping their sorry little roots out of the ground.  Except for the sore fingers and muscles, I had the time of my life. I love getting my hands dirty in the soil. I am itching to get my garden up and going but hubby hasn't built my planter boxes yet. I am still going to get my seeds started though. I bought some on our last trip to Home Depot. I think I will order some from Burpee too. I love Burpee's catalog. The photos are so pretty and enticing. Great marketing manuever, Burpee! I can't wait for Spring! Of course, by the time the temps are hovering around the 110 degree mark, I will be praying for winter to come back! I don't know what it is about gardening and growing food that excites me. I guess that, even though I have been doing this for awhile, it still amazes me that all this food comes from teeny tiny little seeds. God is great!

Along with the weird planting of greenery, they planted bulbs in odd places too. Now, I know that they multiply all by themselves but you should really see where some of them pop up year after year. Once I get the ivy and other bushes removed, I will dig up the bulbs and replant them in a more appealing way. Some of them are just beautiful but they aren't showcased very well where they are planted. Ahhhh, lots of work ahead but it isn't really work if you love it...and I do!

These are my favorite!!!!

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