Monday, October 17, 2011

Gift season...

My twins have a birthday coming up the day after Halloween. They suspect that I have ordered their gifts online and have started scrutinizing the mail. It truly is hilarious. I got a box in the mail this afternoon and they have searched my room trying to find out what was in it. Silly children. Like I am not smart enough to keep any gift out of their reach until I am ready to give it to them. I am no amateur when it comes to hiding gifts. Since they day I got married, almost 18 years ago, and became an instant mom to 3 kids I have learned just about every trick in the book to keeping gifts a secret. I can remember one year when I was about 12, I searched my parents room and found where my mom was hiding my Christmas gifts. I saw each and every gift I was getting. Totally ruined Christmas morning that year. However, I learned a very important lesson that year and since then I have made sure that I NEVER accidentally stumbled onto ANY gift stash ever again. I know my kids think they want to find the gifts before it is time but I know better than to let that happen.

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