Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Soaking Grains?? Not Soaking Grains???

As someone who is relatively new to the whole foods arena, I am having a hard time deciding which is better-soaking grains or not soaking grains. I am currently reading Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions cookbook and there is quite an argument for soaking all grains before cooking or eating them. The idea behind this practice is that when you eat unsoaked whole grains, phytates bind to important minerals and keep your body from absorbing them. Soaking the grains breaks down phytates. Sounds good right? Well, maybe not. While I was doing my morning blog reading, I came across this article concerning soaking. I have to say that she makes a compelling argument against soaking. I think maybe I am secretly relieved. Soaking can be time consuming and, if you tend to be a bit unorganized like me, a real pain in the rear. However, I was determined to soak away for the health and benefit of my family. Could I really get away with not soaking them and just make my breads, pancakes and muffins without having to remember to get them soaking the day before I want to bake? Well, for me, I think the answer may be YES!!!!! My whole goal is to make the healthiest, tastiest food for my family because that is my job and I take it very seriously. I have been reading about how to use food to "cure what ails you" and, honestly, commercial food WILL KILL YOU! I think the best thing for my family is to eat the way God intended us to eat. He gave us all the food we would ever need to grow and thrive. Big corporations gave us all the chemicals, pesticides and man-made poisons, in the name of progress I might add, that is slowly destroying the human race. How many diseases do we need to have to realize that, if we are not eating whole foods, we are killing ourselves? I know it is hard trying to change something that you may have been doing for decades (believe me I know!) but isn't your health and that of your family worth it to you to try? I know it is for me.
So I think I will take a break from the soaking and just enjoy natural, God given food and let the healing begin!

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