Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last Weekend...

We had a busy time this past weekend. The twins had an archery competition in a town 2 hours away from home. We were originally supposed to be there at 11 am but, a few days before, their coach called and said we would need to be there are 8:30.....That would be 8:30.... AM!!!!! Now, I have become somewhat of a morning person (living on a farm it is sort of required!) but anything prior to 6 am is just early to me. We needed to get up at 5 so we could take care of morning chores and be out of the house by 6. Blech!!!! Anyway, we made sure that we went to bed nice and early Friday night. I fell asleep right away (Thank you Jesus!) but starting at about 3:30, I woke up thinking I had overselpt. You know that jolt awake when you think you missed the alarm??? Well, I realized it was only 3:30 so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. Then I started thinking, "What if my alarm doesn't go off?" "What if we all oversleep?" So, you can imagine that there wasn't a whole lot of sleep going on. At 4:30, hubby sprang out of bed claiming that he just couldn't sleep anymore. WHAT???? He asked if I was getting up and I told him he was crazy and I was gonna sleep for the next 30 minutes and NOT to bug me. I am only a morning person after 6am, not before! I laid there for approximately 22 seconds then I threw off the covers and got my rear end up. UGH!! Hubby turned on the Keurig so I got my first cup. Ok, maybe it wasn't so bad being up BEFORE the chickens. Anyway, to make a very long, drawn out story of my unwillingness to get up too early short, we arrived at the Ag Center for the competition right on time and the twins had a great time.
 Don't they look so focused? Since my girl is a lefty, she had to shoot facing her brother. Thankfully, he refrained from making the crazy faces he is famous for. Have I ever told you that I have almost NO pictures of him WITHOUT making some sort of face??? Boys!
The whole group. Mine are in the 2nd row, 2nd and 3rd from left.

We still have no idea how their scores compared to the other teams in their division because they haven't been posted yet. Bummer because, last year, my daughter placed 4th in her division. This year, she bested her score by 1 point so we are hopeful that she placed again. Little man also bested his score by about 20 pts. so he may have placed too. Won't know until the next practice.
Since we were already in the neighborhood, we went to Bass Pro Shops. We hardly ever go because it is quite a ways away but since the competition is close by, we made a stop there. I love Bass Pro. I never thought I would until I went there the first time. I only went to please hubby who was dying to go, I had zero interest in going. Two hours later, HE had to drag ME out of the store! I am a total convert now! Another big plus is that the Girl Scouts were there selling cookies so I got a box of Samoas, a box of Tagalongs and a box of Thin Mints. We now only have a little of the Thin Mints left! Sticking the rest of those in the freezer to slow us down. That night, we were all so tired that we went to bed at 8:30! Nothing like 11 hours of sleep to make you wide eyed and bushy tailed for church on Sunday morning!
Hubby wasn't feeling himself so he stayed home from church and re-grouted our bathroom floor AND had lunch waiting for us when we got home. Such a good man! Then it was off to archery practice and Edge (the twins church group). That made for a loooooong day. Loved it all but glad it only happens infrequently!

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