Friday, February 17, 2012

Banana Chips

I like to buy lots of bananas at once and stick most of them in the freezer for smoothies. However, my smoothie stash was full so I decided to dehydrate them on the dehydrator my in laws got me a few years ago that I have used exactly 1 time before. I made venison jerky and it took FOREVER! I figured it was because I wasn't careful enough in cutting the meat into similar sizes so I was very careful to cut all the banana slices equally. I laid them out, the other morning, on the trays and started the machine up. It was very loud. Kind of grated on my nerves all day but I love banana chips so I figured it was worth it. I checked them throughout the day. Lovely flavor but way too chewy. I kept them drying until we went to bed. Still not finished so the next morning I turned that noisy thing on again. All day long I let it go about drying. I came to the realization that my previous experience had nothing to do with the meat not being sliced correctly. My dehydrator is just not very good.  There is no temperature setting, just an on/off switch so everything dries at the same temp. I finally had enough and turned it off and put the not quite finished slices in a bag. I figured, eventually, we would eat them. Eat them we did! While they weren't as crispy as I would have liked, the flavor was fantastic. I told hubby we were going to get another dehydrator soon because I want to dry lots of stuff, especially more bananas. I would have included a photo of my dried bananas but we, ummmm....kinda...ate them...ALL! They didn't even last 48 hours! Eight bananas in less than 48 hours...The sad part is that only my daughter and I ate them :) Well sad for hubby and son, but not for us. They were pretty good AND they gave our jaws a workout. That has to count for exercise, right????

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