Monday, July 30, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Dairy Delights

I have to state, up front, that I am not a fan of milk. Or yogurt. Or a lot of cheese. However, I truly enjoyed watching this dvd. Someday, sooner rather than later, I would like to get a dairy cow. I have done a ton of research and I have a friend who lives in Maine that owns a dairy farm (lots of free advice and tips!) so I feel fairly confident that I could do this. I may even decide I like raw milk. Who knows? Anyway, my kids LOVE milk and we go through a ton of it but I really don't think the milk bought in grocery stores is all that healthy. I have been researching milk for quite some time now and have decided that, for our family, raw is a better fit for us. Plus, it will be one more thing that I won't need to depend on a grocery store for.
Now, for the dvd review. This was a wonderful and informative video. They use milk from their cow (and even show you how they milk it) to make all sorts of yummy creations such as butter (flavored ones too), yogurt, cheese and ice cream. They make it all look so easy! I can't wait to try the yogurt. Even though I don't really like the taste of yogurt, the twins and hubby could eat it all day, everyday. When you buy it from the store it can get a bit expensive plus you have no control over what the manufacturer slips into it. When you make it yourself, you control the ingredients, the texture and tartness. I also like how they use a standard cooler to "cook" their yogurt. No need to buy any fancy yogurt maker. You use what you have.
Since we use butter for almost all the cooking we do, we go through a lot and it ain't cheap at the store. Organic butter at our Kroger is $4+ a pound. The regular butter is $2.50 a pound. I am trying to buy as much organic as I can but it can get really pricey, really fast so making it ourselves will save money. I have also heard that the price on all things dairy and beefy will skyrocket by the end of the year so every little thing we can do one our own will benefit our bottom line. These dvd's teach you how to be self reliant and provide for yourself and your family. Who couldn't use that? Plus, they show you a family working together to achieve a common goal. That is something that I want for my family.

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