Thursday, June 28, 2012

Immoral or Simply Immodest?

Yesterday, my mom and I took the twins to a waterpark for the day. Our temps here are skyrocketing higher and higher by the minute and we won't be getting our pool until next month so we figured a day in the water is just what we needed. Our day started early in the morning because the waterpark is an hour and a half away and we wanted to get there early. After some problems with the gps (it kept us going in circles in one town) we finally arrived for a day of fun. A worker led us to the cabana we rented for the day and, after stowing away our gear, we headed to the attractions. After awhile mom and I decided to go back to the cabana and relax. We had a great view of the park from our deck chairs so we could keep our eyes on the kids. Unfortunately, the park wasn't the only thing we had a great view of. Our cabana was right in front of an entrance to the lazy river tube ride and we could see all the people as they were getting on and getting off. My mom was the first to notice something. She pointed out this family that was about to go on the lazy river. I was shocked (not much shocks me these days but this did) at what I saw. First, a little girl about 7, wearing a cute little bathing suit. Nothing wrong there. then her sister, who was about 10-12 came into view. Poor thing was at least 50-60 pounds overweight. But that wasn't what shocked me so bad. She was wearing a STRING BIKINI!!!! I wasn't sure exactly what was more disturbing, the fact that this poor girl is not being taught much about nutrition (I'll get to her mom and grandma in just a sec) or the fact that a child was wearing something that showed almost every inch of her body. It was so sad. Then her mom came into view. At least 100-150 pounds overweight wearing a .....can you guess??? STRING BIKINI!!!!! I actually sat there with my mouth open! I could not believe it! Most of the bikini was hidden in the folds of her body so sometimes it looked like she was naked. Now, let me state for the record this is in NO WAY a condemnation of overweight people. I happen to be one of those who has a few pounds to lose myself and I feel for ANYONE struggling to lose weight. HOWEVER, I can not see how anyone can justify putting themselves in a STRING BIKINI when they weigh over 300 lbs much less put their child (overweight or not) in one. Grandma came into view and it was obvious that the entire family is struggling with weight issues. Grandma at least had the decency to wear a full coverage bathing suit. Does anyone else feel for the children in this family??? This was just ONE instance of bad bathing suit choices. I was really amazed (not in a good way) at what some people consider proper for public viewing. I am in no way a prude. I do not wear Duggar style bathing suits (nothing wrong with them, just not for me). I wear a 2 piece but the bottom is a shirt which hits about mid thigh and the top comes down past the waistband of the bottom. Like I said, I need to shed a few pounds myself but even if I didn't I could never wear a bikini in public! There was a girl, fantastic figure, wearing what looked exactly like a bra and underwear! I am not convinced that it was a bathing suit! Now, most people would not wear their underclothes in public but they don't have a problem in a water setting???? There was every body type under the sun there wearing every type of "water wear" imaginable and most of it was...shocking. And sad. If adults choose to show off everything that God them, then that is their choice (no matter how misguided it is) but to put a child in something that covers less than their training bras and panties is disgusting! I am really having a hard time NOT judging these parents. What are they thinking? ARE they thinking??? What message is it sending to their children? What message is it sending to the perverts that are out there? Come on people! If we refuse to teach and protect our children, exactly who do you think will? I was going to include a few photos to show you what I am talking about but I couldn't bear violating these children in that way. Parents, really take stock in what you dress your children in and be a good example to them with your way of dressing. You are to lead them and, trust me, they are following you.

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