Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spring-y Apron

I have never really been an apron kind of girl until I started all my cooking from scratch. Now I can appreciate the importance of using an apron to protect my wardrobe. I can be a messy cook sometimes!
Here is a cute little apron that I sewed up in just a few hours. I am NOT an experienced seamstress so these things take me much longer than someone who actually knows what they are doing. This project was pretty easy for the novice like me.
Instuctions can be found here.

This is my finished piece modeled by my lovely daughter in her Aristocats PJ's!
This was seriously easy to do and you can change it up for different occasions by using different hand towels and fabric. The only change I would make to the apron is that I would make the fabric skirt part wider so that when it is gathered up and sown to the towel it is a bit more ruched. I am sure that is a word but not sure I spelled it right!
I plan on taking this apron to our UMW planning meeting for ideas for our Breakfast With Santa gift shop. This will be the first time I actually made something to sell in our gift shop. Yay me!

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