Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Have a Dishwasher Or Not To....

Not quite 2 weeks ago, my dishwasher went kaput. Then a very strange thing happened. I realized that I really didn't miss it. Yes, I now wash dishes several times a day but it doesn't really bother me. Each morning while I make breakfast, I fill the sink with hot soapy water. As I cook, dirty stuff goes into the sink. When we finish eating, I wash everything and leave it in the strainer to dry. I HATE drying dishes! At lunch and dinner, I do the same thing. If it happens to be a major cooking day, I will do an extra sinkful of dishes between lunch and dinner. Since the twins are responsible for nightly dish duty, this hasn't really bothered them. They always had to wash the pots and pans before so now there are just some plates, cups and forks added to it. They haven't complained a bit. Want to know who is in a real hurry to get a new one? Hubby! And he doesn't even do dishes! He says that we need one because we may have to run a sanitized load if someone gets sick. Hmmmm. Whatever did people do before there were dishwashers to sanitize their dishes?????

Anyway, just to humor him, I went to Home Depot and looked at the dishwashers. Who is it that decided that a kitchen machine that has just ONE function should cost approximately both arms and a leg??? No kidding, $600 for the cheaper ones and $800 and up for the better ones! WHY?? It is not like manufacturers are building them to last because a new one will konk out after 4-6 years. You know, that kind of money will keep me in sponges and dish detergent (the organic ones at that!) FOREVER!!!

Now, if I can just get hubby to agree....

So, what do you prefer. Good ole hand washing or the easy no mess dishwasher?

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