Friday, October 12, 2012


Over the summer, a kitty cat decided to make his home here with us. This is a normal occurance out in the country. We have had many dogs, cats and goats show up here. Some are now permanent fixtures while others were just passing through.
Kitty showed up and was always seen with our male cat, Cricket. Because of this, we mistakenly took Kitty for a female. A rear view shot, told us instantly that Kitty was male. We weren't too concerned because all of our female cats are spayed so we figured we were safe from anymore babies. About 3 weeks ago, we noticed that Kitty had broken his left front leg. He wouldn't let us get near him so we could only watch as his leg flopped around as he walked. Then we saw that the bone was sticking out of the skin and we knew that we either had to catch him or shoot him and put him out of his misery. Seeing as how hubby was not too keen on taking Crip Kitty's (this was the new name I had given him) life, we set about capturing him. He was pretty slick. He would only come onto the porch to eat when no one was around. When he would hear the door open, he would hightail it under the porch where we couldn't get to him. Not one to give up that easily, I finally realized that I could get him if I waited to feed the cats until he was actually on the porch. (DUH!) Monday morning I waited until I heard him meowing for breakfast. I had left a pet carrier out on the table so he wouldn't see me walk out with it. I started petting him and before I put the food into the bowl, I grabbed him and put him in the carrier. He let me. He was fine until I closed the lid, then he started that low cat moan that is a little spooky. He kept turning around, looking for an exit and I was afraid that he would get that bone snagged on something so I figured I better get him to the vet ASAP. He settled down pretty quickly and we drove, in peace, to the vet. Once there, they evaluated him and said that the leg would most likely have to come off. I told them that while he was under, go ahead and neuter him. If he was going to hate me, I was gonna give him a really good reason to. So, needless to say, Crip Kitty had his leg and you-know-whats removed, got dewormed and received his rabies shot. Oh, and he got a new name...Tripod.
 Doesn't he just look pitiful???
You can see at the top of his left leg, the bone and tendons are hanging out.

I didn't realize how blurry this one was but here he is sans leg.

He has decided to forgive me as long as I scratch his face...and feed him.
Welcome home Tripod.

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