Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just a Quick Little Check In

Our room and dining reservations are made. With Disney, you can make dining arrangements 180 BEFORE your trip so that you can pretty much guarantee you get a spot where you want it, when you want it. Since we are going during value season, I didn't have to make them so early. I did it last week and got almost every restaurant and dining event that I wanted.

It feels good to have everything planned out and done. I know many are a "leave the details up in the air" kind of people but I am not a member of that group! I try to be spontaneous but it just doesn't work for me. Besides, my husband and kids always look to me to have everything planned out so they don't have to make any decisions.

I did have to do some last minute switching around, though. I typed up our itinerary (believe it or not, the twins request that I do this and give them a copy!) and was all proud of myself for fitting in everything we wanted to do. Well, almost everything. Hubs looked at it and the only thing he said was "When are we doing the waterpark? You promised the kids we would go this year." Huh? Dang it! There was no room for it in our plans but I promised them because the last couple of times, something has come up and we couldn't get to the waterparks. So we added a day to our vacation. We are now leaving a day earlier. But the kids don't know it! THEN hubs realized he needed to go to his corporate office (located an hour away from Disney) for a meeting and he decided to add yet another day to our vacation. So, even though the "surprise" vacation is no longer a surprise, the duration of it is. The kids have been doing a countdown to when we leave and it has been so hard not to tell them!

Anyway, we have been in full prep mode. Cleaning house, doing laundry, getting the animals care while we are gone taken care of! Over the last year, I have really tried hard to transform our way of eating and, for the most part, have been successful. Even though the bulk of our dining will be done out, we will still be eating breakfast and snacks in the condo. I have made big batches of pancakes and pumpkin waffles and have smoothie ingredients all ready to go. My son only had 3 food requests and, against my better judgement, I agreed to them. He wanted soda, froot loops and pizza rolls. These are not things that are usually found in our house but it's vacation so I was told I needed to relax the rules a little bit! I did make some homemade pizza rolls to take along just to show him that we don't need to buy garbage at the grocery store in order to have some fun vacation food. I made them yesterday and froze most of them for the trip (I'll include the recipe once we get back) but I baked a few just to make sure we all liked them. SUCCESS!!! They were really good, much better than the ones in the frozen food section. Even my son had to concede that they were better than the ones we bought!

I plan on doing some blog posts from our vacation, if I get time. If not, I will be back soon with some new recipes and a letter from President Obama!

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