Friday, September 30, 2011

Another big cooking day on tap. Not as big as I would like it-I want to do more monthly cooking but my finances are more the day to day type! But still, this is what I plan to do today: Applesauce, french bread, more cookie dough (for church Sunday), Cinnamon bread, taco soup for the freezer and anything else I can find to make. I REALLY need to get some stuff put up in the freezer. It is looking mighty bare in there! General gun season is almost here and it can't come soon enough. I have been coveting the 2 remaining packs of ground venison. I bought some ground beef at the store to supplement and, lo and behold, I would rather have the venison! I couldn't believe all the fat piling up at the bottom of the pan. So gross!!!! I told Bryan as soon as he can, get me some deer in the freezer! I am sure he is all too happy to comply :)

This is what our menu will look like today, just in case you are so fascinated by what we are eating:)
Homemade Whole Wheat Waffles w/homegrown blueberry sauce

"Healthier" homemade pigs in a blanket
carrot sticks
golden kiwi (the boys didn't like it yesterday but us girls loved it)

This is the stumper. Normally our date night but too broke to date so I have to come up with something. Maybe hamburgers????

Last night I told you about the Mexican Stuffed Shells I made but I neglected to tell you about the most wonderful broccoli we had.  I know, how wonderful can broccoli be? I will tell you. I cut up fresh broccoli into large-ish chunks and put it on a cookie sheet. Then I drizzled olive oil over it and added salt, pepper and garlic powder. I put it in a 425 degree oven for 25 minutes and, although broccoli has the distinctive "fart" smell when it's cooking, the taste was out of this world! So light a very strong candle and roast up some broccoli. You will NOT be disappointed!

The weather is getting so nice out. Our highs have been in the mid 80's and lows in the lower 60's to upper 50's. Tonight, the low will be 48 !!!! I am sooooooo happy. Next week they are calling for low 40's!!! I cannot contain my joy! Fall, winter and spring are our reward for toughing out the summer. I think today I may even open the windows for awhile. Fresh air AND a reduction in electric bill!

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