Saturday, October 1, 2011

Such a nice day...

I have had such a nice day!! It started with the weather outside this morning. Nice and cool 60 degrees and we are only warming up to 73...YAY!!! So, of course, all the windows are open and there is such a nice breeze in the house. Then I did some cooking with the twins. They helped me make applesauce and pizza and they did such an awesome job! Then I made cookies for church tomorrow and put some taco soup in the crockpot for dinner tonight. We had a great talk about what we would do if life, as we know it, changed. How would we live if we had no electricity? My daughter and I think of it as an adventure. My son? Well he said life just wouldn't be worth living. Okay, I need to work on his sense of adventure. My hubby watched some video on the internet that got him thinking about this same subject. He could live as a pioneer man very easily. He was raised to hunt and fish. He can build ANYTHING and fix ANYTHING. His greatest thrill, other than being in his hunting condo, is simply living off the land. Me? Well, I could do it if I had to. I would probably complain at first but I think I  could get used to it. The only requirement I would have is A/C and indoor plumbing. Those are 2 things I absolutely cannot live without. I already cook from scratch and I am learning how to do more and more the "old fashioned" way every single day. Soon, I will be making my own buttermilk and cream cheese because I go through a ton of that stuff! I think it is pretty funny that for all of our modern conveniences that were supposed to free up time for us, they do nothing but waste our time. (Hello sitting in front of the laptop wasting my time!) Sometimes I think technology has robbed us of life. I mean, I know there have been great strides in things like medicine and we can cure or prevent lots of diseases but what has that cost us? We work so much so that we can have "things". How many of those "things" are really needs and how many are wants? We need a roof over our head but we want a really nice one that looks better than anybody else's. We need clothing but we want designer stuff and we want a lot of it. We need food but we want prime rib. Our wants and needs have gotten all mixed up so we work to buy stuff and when we don't make enough money to buy what we want, we get it on credit or we get a second job. Then we are mad because we are so busy working to pay for our stuff that we have no time to enjoy the stuff so we buy more and more and more. It goes on and on. Here's an example. I have a friend who, along with her husband, has a full time job. They have 2 kids in private school. (Public school here is AWFUL!) They have a house and 2 cars (new). She tells me that she wishes she could stay home with her kids but they can't make it on one paycheck. Let's do the math: if she were to quit her job and homeschool her children, the tuition savings alone would almost replace her income. Plus she wouldn't need to pay for gas running around town each day going to school, going to work, going back to school to bring the kids home and she wouldn't be eating lunch out everyday. Now, if she's at home, she has the time to plan meals and cook so it cuts down on the eating dinners out. After taking all of that into consideration, she actually makes money by staying home! Not to mention, all the great time she will be spending with her kids. They will only be young for a very short time so why would you want to ship them off for most of that time? I am happy to do without a lot of the stuff I thought I couldn't do without because it means that I can be here and take care of my family the way God had intended me to. Not making a sexist remark or anything but it is the wife and mother's responsibility to care for the home and children. Don't believe me? Read the Bible. It spells it out very clearly. As a matter of fact, the Bible gives you complete instructions for life. We parents always joke that our kids didn't come with instruction manuals. They did. However, like most instruction manuals, we didn't read it. I am currently reading it from front to back and have been amazed (and humbled and brought to my knees!) by what I have learned. I guess I just want to say, what is it that you are working so hard for? What will you do when it gets taken away (or lost or stolen)? I heard a song the other day and it goes like this " I don't wanna gain the whole world and lose my soul". I don't need a million dollar house or a brand new truck. My only needs are completely fulfilled through Jesus. How about you?

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