Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am sitting in the parking lot of the local coffee den using up their free wi-fi. Very unethical, I know but the twins are at a 4H meeting and I have nothing to do for the next hour so here I am. I have spent most of the day cooking. This morning I made big batches of waffles and pancakes and put enough leftovers in the freezer for at least 3 meals out of each. I love having something like that to just pull out and stick in the toaster oven. Nice quick and healthy breakfast without having to spend money at the store on the frozen versions that have nothing but junk in them. Anyway, I also made homemade chocolate pudding for dessrt tonight. has awesome recipes for pudding and they only take about 15 minutes to make FROM SCRATCH!!!! The taste is nothing like instant pudding. It is infinitely better! Since we won't be home until about 5:30 tonight, I also premade a batch of Mexican Stuffed Shells for dinner. All I gotta do is pop it in the oven and make a vegetable. I am also toying with the idea of making applesauce when I get home but not sure if I will have time as it cooks for about 45-55 minutes and I take f o r e v e r peeling and chopping all of those apples!!!
Lunch today was a little experiment that turned out pretty tasty. I bought some croissants. Now I NEVERbuy croissants because they are sooooooo bad for you (but they taste sooooooo good!) but this week I did. I swear Satan was just whispering in my ear ***buy croissants****no one will care**** Then I took a little cream cheese and whipped it with some apricot preserves and spread it on the bottom of the croissant. Then I put some ham slices in a skillet and crisped them up a bit and put them on top of the cream cheese and, viola! Delish!!!! I ate 2...I am so ashamed :( I guess I will need to get some good exercise cuz I also ate fast food (YUCK) yesterday afternoon on the way to the grocery store. Couldn't risk being hungry and then trying to shop. That would have been more horrendous than it was! I REALLY

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