Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marathon Cooking Day....

I am rubbing my aching feet as I try to type this. I got the "bright" idea to cook a weeks worth of dinners all in one day and put them in the freezer. It really isn't my fault, though. I found a couple of blogs that I just love and they were talking about once a month cooking. I wasn't quite ready to tackle that job just yet so I figured, hey, I could manage a week right? Well, I did it. Five meals in the freezer, one cooling on the counter enough to pack it up and put into the freezer and the last one will go in the crockpot tonight to be put in the freezer tomorrow morning. Wanna know what we are having for dinner???? PIZZA!! I told hubby I didn't want to see my kitchen for at least 12 hours! It wasn't really that bad. I did learn a few tricks that I will incorporate into my next weekly (maybe longer) cooking session. It is all about organization. Pre-chop, thaw, organize anything you can before you take this on. I didn't do much of that and it slowed me down quite a bit. However, the smells of the food while it was cooking was simply amazing! The twins, who normally spend Friday night with grandma and grandpa informed me they were staying put and we were going to be eating one of the recipes I cooked, Mexican stuffed shells.My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Tomorrow is going to be bread making day. French bread, artisan bread, whole wheat bread, and maybe, just maybe, a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. I LOVE the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven. There is truly NOTHING in this world like it. Unfortunately, I am equally fond of eating all of that wonderful bread...Spandex really is an amazing fabric dontcha think????? Anyway, if you want to check out some of my favorite blogs, they are and At heavenly homemakers, check out the soaked pancakes. I made them this morning and they are out of this world. Try them, even if you think you don't like whole wheat. These could change your mind....

We have some friends who live in Iowa that are down here for a visit with their sweet lil angel, Grace. Her mommy once told us that she wasn't getting married for a VERY long time, if ever, and that she wasn't having kids...She gave birth last December and got married in May (or June, I can't remember!) Funny how God has absolutely no use for "our" plans! I am trying to nudge hubby out the door to go visit but work seems to be getting in the way...AGAIN!!!! I really wish we could just win the lottery and be done with work but they tell me that you actually have to PLAY the lottery to win...Who knew....Hopefully we can get out of here soon.

I'll try and post some pics tomorrow of the bread making, BEFORE I eat it all!!!

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