Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Pastor's Tradition

My Pastor's wife has a blog and I, occasionally, pop over to it to check out the cute pictures she posts of their 2 kids, Hannah and Joseph. They are always up to something fun and the kids are absolutely adorable!
Yesterday, I read this post and thought what a wonderful little tradition for a (sometimes) forgotten about event. Epiphany. It kind of gets lost in all the Christmas hub bub but it should have importance in the lives of Christians, too.

I love their idea of putting out "hay" for the camels who are carrying the Wisemen to the baby Jesus.
I think this idea does a wonderful job of relating this event into something that a 3 and almost 2 year old can start comprehending.

I love these little traditions and wish that I had thought of this to do with my kids when they were younger. Unfortunately, my "walk" hadn't really started at that time and I was too caught up in the "societal idea of Christmas" to pay any attention to what came next. Another one of those live and learn moments!

Hope you enjoy!

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