Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review-Homestead Blessings-The Art of Crafting

*sniff* This is the last dvd in the series that I have to review. Yes, sad day :(
However, I do have to say that this video got my creative juices flowing. That is really saying something because I am not all that creative!
My favorite part of this dvd was the potpourri tutorial. Now, I do not have potpourri in my house, nor do I buy it but I'll be doggoned if their "recipe" wasn't so extrememly simple and gorgeous that I may just have to make this and use it for our homemade Christmas this year! They take everyday things that you would find on a walk in the woods or even your own garden and turn it in to something beautiful and useful. I love projects like that.
There are so many good ideas in this dvd. Hand printed napkins, bird feeders, dipped pine cones, and so much more. Like I said, I am NOT creative but, if I see something, I can replicate it. I just can't come up with it on my own. This video gave me PLENTY of ideas of things to make for myself and others. I will be watching this one several times!

So, I hope you have enjoyed the reviews for the Homestead Blessings series. I know I have enjoyed watching (and yes rewatching) these dvd's and they have been a 'blessing' to me. I hope they will be a blessing to you as well. Thanks for reading!

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