Monday, August 27, 2012

Disney's Hollywood Studios

This park is most recognizable for the huge, I'm talking ENORMOUS, Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat. Trust me, you can't miss it! This park is where you find everything "movie". Movie sets, movie rides, movie restaurants, movie souvenirs. Everything movie!


Hands down, the 2 most popular rides here are Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Rollercoaster. My kids LOVE both of these rides.
Tower of Terror is housed in the Hollywood Tower Hotel which was struck by lightning sending some guests from the elevator into the unknown. You get on the "elevator" and are routed around to the front of the hotel. Most of this part of the ride is in total darkness, so if that freaks you out, you may want to skip this one. Once you are at the front of the hotel, huge doors open and you can see a huge part of the park...right before you plummet 13 stories down! Then you are sprung back up and down, then up and down, etc. Other than the fact that your liver ends up somewhere in your nasal passages, this ride is a must do if you possibly can. Check the time board in front of the attraction and, if the wait time is a long time, you have 2 options. If you don't mind riding the ride by yourself (without the people you came with) you can enter the Single Rider line. This line always moves pretty fast as they fill every seat in that elevator. Or, if your party wants to stay together, get a FastPass. You simply go the FastPass kiosk for the ride, insert your park tickets and you will receive a pass with the time on it for you to return to the ride and get on with very minimal wait. Then you can go enjoy other parts of the park while waiting for your specified time.

The Rock 'N' Rollercoaster is a CRAZY coaster ride to the music of Aerosmith. I would love to go on this but my stomach just can't take it. The twins go on several times in a row and it never seems to bother them! They absolutely adore this ride!

A ride that is a bunch of fun but we have only made it onto twice is Toy Story Mania. Let me give you a very helpful piece of advice on this one. Get to the park as soon as it opens up and go STRAIGHT to this attraction. OR, if you can't get there first thing, get a FastPass AS SOON as you get to the park. This ride typically has a 1-2 hour wait time if you just get in line after the first hour or two the park has been open. If you wait too long to get a FastPass, you will be out of luck because the FastPasses ALWAYS run out early (sometimes before lunch). This is such a sweet and fun ride that you don't want to miss it!

The Backlot Tour is always a bunch of fun but be warned, you may get wet!

The Muppet Vision 3-D is a fun show for the whole family with all the beloved Muppets!

One can't miss attraction is Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. This is the story of Walt Disney. It features artifacts from his life, his personal drawings and sketches for Disneyland and Disney World and a sweet little movie about him starring Robin Williams. Even though we have seen it many times, we still notice new things each time.


Beauty and The Beast is a wonderful live show in an open air theater. Disney Jr. on Stage is a lot of fun for the little ones with shows by Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and so on. My granddaughter was mesmerized by the animatronic puppets and the live actors. I was mesmerized by the fact that the building is air conditioned and I could sprawl out on the floor!

One show that you absolutely must see is the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. It stars Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars and is AWESOME! Even my 2 year old granddaughter was fascinated by it. The stunts that they perform are unbelievable and you should really try and see this one.

One show that I would love to see is Fantasmic but we never seem to be able to make it. The line tends to be pretty long unless you get there an hour before it starts and we are always trying to cram in as much "riding" as we can that we don't want to wait in line for an hour to get a good seat. This show fills FAST!!!! There are some Dine and View packages you could get that include dinner and a special reserved seating place for you but the last time we tried to do that, the packages were sold out. Someday, we will see it!

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is a quick paced stunt show that, if you get there early, you could be a part of. No Harrison Ford, though...Darn it!


We have 2 favorites here that we try and alternate each time we go. The 50's Prime Time Cafe is set around the kitchen table of the 50's. There are tv sets at each table showing clips of old black and white shows such as Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best. "Mom" comes to the table and encourages you to eat your vegetables or no dessert for you. Once, my husband spilled his drink down the front of him and "Mom" brought him a Little Mermaid plastic bib! The food is old fashioned good stuff like Meatloaf and Pot Roast. The one thing I HAVE to get here is a Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake. This is the only time I EVER have one so I do NOT feel guilty!

The other restaurant we love is the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater. There is a huge movie screen and all the "tables" are actually convertibles that you sit in to eat, just like a drive in! The food is really good, too. They show really BBBAAADDDD horror movies like The Blob and Killer Tomatoes so it is a bunch of fun and not scary for the little ones.

If you prefer something a little high class, may I suggest the Brown Derby? Wonderful food in a great atmosphere reminiscent of the Hollywood "Golden Age".

There is so much to do and see at Hollywood Studios that I just don't have the space to get it all in.
Check out this site for all the info you could possibly need!

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