Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We just went and saw the movie Courageous last night. Yeah, I know. We are a little behind the times as this movie has been out for a few months now. I love all the movies by the Kendrick brothers but I think this one has convicted me the most. If you don't know about it, it is about a man who loses his little girl in an accident and the aftermath teaches him that he wasn't being the father/husband that God called him to be and he makes a resolution to be that man. I spent most of this movie in tears. Some of it was the emotion of the tragedy but more of it was being confronted with my shortcomings as a wife/mother. There were a couple of scenes where this man's children just wanted to spend time with him but he was too busy. All that kept running through my mind was how many times my kids would ask me to play a game with them and I would tell them I was too busy. Too busy cooking or baking or cleaning or WHATEVER. I was choosing to spend time working at busy work instead of just spending a few minutes with my kids making memories. It is amazing how God can use a movie to show us what we are doing wrong. Anyway, if you haven't seen this movie, I strongly urge you to seek it out. Let God speak to you the way He has spoken to me. Let Him teach you, lead you.

I took a little break from blogging but it lasted a little longer than I had expected. Throughout the day I would get all kinds of ideas to write about but, when I had time to sit and write, nothing would come out. I think part of my problem is I just haven't been very organized with this blog. I just assumed that the ideas would flow as soon as I sat down. NOT! So I think that I may start writing ideas down and setting up a kind of schedule of topics. I love schedules! I am a huge planner. I like to have a clear direction of where I am going and how I am going to get there. I am not much of a "winger". My husband has learned that I cannot just "wing" something on the spur of the moment so he makes sure he gives me plenty of time to plan. I wish I could be a little more spontaneous but I just don't think God made me that way so I am going to stop trying to fight it. I have been reading tons  a few blogs and I like how, on certain days, they have a certain topic so I am thinking of doing a variation of that. We'll see.

One blog that I am LOVING right now is Always Learning. Lori tells it like it is whether or not you want to hear it. I think God nudged me to her because I was under the mistaken impression that I may be in charge. Deep down I knew that wasn't true but I wasn't really interested in admitting it. Well, after reading her blog posts I have come to the conclusion that I have something to say: My husband is the head of our house, I was NOT created to be his equal but his helpmeet, I CANNOT do everything my husband does because God didn't plan it that way, I have a bit to learn about the meek and mild spirit (I can be loud and bold a bit more than I like) and if I think that there is something she posts that I think is wrong, she can back it up with scripture (You can't fight that!) Like I said, God uses all sorts of ways to convict, teach and lead. Are you paying attention????

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