Friday, December 21, 2012

The Christmas Gift

Oh my goodness gracious! My husband just received the best (and cutest) early Christmas present from our middle daughter. She called him this afternoon and said that she needed to bring his present out to him that day because their dogs were trying to eat it. Since she is not known for her cooking abilities, he was afraid she was giving him cookies. Oh, this present was much better than cookies.

Say hello to Babe. She's 3/4 Ossabaw Island Hog and 1/4 European. This breed was brought to Ossabaw Island, Georgia in the 16th century by the Spaniards. (yay wikipedia!)

Our daughter said that she was trying to figure out what to get her daddy for Christmas and she knew he loves hunting but that he already has every hunting implement known to man. She knew he didn't have a live pig. She was correct.

It seems her boyfriend's boss got a bunch of them from the University of Georgia and agreed to sell him one.

I love this pig!!!!

We aren't eating her. I already asked. Didn't want to love something that I would be eating in the future. She will be used as breeding stock. We will get another female and a male and use them to breed all the pork we could ever need.

Right now, she is asleep in a dog pen in the garage. Hubby is leaving the light on for her so she doesn't get scared...Ain't that sweet?!!! Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to town to get a pen for her. And a doghouse. Yes, Babe will be a pig in a doghouse. Next to the chicken coop. You just can't beat country life! She already has made a friend. A few weeks ago, this showed up on our porch:

His name is Desi.(I wanted to call him Kitty GaGa because he looks like he is wearing weird eyeliner but my son put his foot down on that one). And I love him. Anyway, he was nosing around Babe's cage and the two of them seemed to click. Weird, huh? Two foreigners in a strange land. A strange land that provides plenty of food, water and love but strange none the less.

Phase 2 of farm animals has begun. I always thought phase 2 would be a dairy cow but I can adapt!

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