Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Twins!!!

Today is the 13th anniversary of one of the best days of my life. My twins are officially teenagers today!!! At this time, 13 years ago, I was on my way to the doctor's office with what I was positive was gas. My husband wasn't convinced of the whole gas explanation as the "gas pains" were coming every 2 minutes! We weren't expecting it to be labor as I was only 26 weeks along. But labor it was.

After trying to stop the labor for 7 hours, my little girl decided that she had had enough womb time and was ready for the world. At 8:38 pm, my precious little girl was born weighing 1 lb. 9.5 oz. and was 13 1/4 inches long. At 8:39, her brother followed (to this day he doesn't like her going anywhere without him!) He was a hefty 1 lb. 14 oz. and was 13 3/4 inches long. Thankfully, the Lord blessed us with 2 children who, for the most part, only needed to grow a bit before they came home. After 70 days, a few blood transfusions and very few touch-and-go situations, our babies came home weighing 4.5 lbs (my boy) and 4 lbs. They were supposed to stay in the NICU until they reached 5 lbs. but the doctor's all said that they were doing very well and could come home. After 70 days of having to see an empty nursery, it was finally filled with two very small, squirmy babies...and life has never been the same since!

We never planned for them to be our last children, but God had other plans for us. While sometimes I am blue for the children we may have had, I will always be grateful for the 2 we got to have.

Life with twins is hectic, noisy, busy, messy, tiring, uplifting and fun. There is no place I would rather be than right here on our farm with the 2 best kids in the world.

So, in honor of their birthday, here are some random facts about them.


1.  She is a redneck Barbie-Loves to wear dresses and climb the same time!

2.  She loves ALL animals. She saved a baby mouse from the cats and nursed it back to health.

3.  She is a "meatatarian". She loves any and all meat, especially bacon. Her other nickname is the baconnator!
4. She hates shellfish.

5. She loves to sing and wants to be a singer when she grows up.

6. She's a leftie.

7. She doesn't like to read.

8. She loves to bake anything sweet.

9. She loves that she is "older" than her brother...even if it is only by a minute!

10. She is the most exquisite little girl, in my opinion, and I love her dearly!


1. Is a video game champion player.

2. Is incredibly smart.

3. Says the funniest things with a dead pan face. He has quite a sense of humor.

4. Loves to read...anything!

5. Has a wonderful imagination.

6. He makes the best spaghetti sauce.

7. Loves to drink coffee in the morning.

8. Eats all.the.time.

9. Is almost as tall as his daddy.

10. Is the most amazing little man I have ever known, and I love him more than life itself.

So, there are just a few things that make them...THEM.

Because we usually don't make a huge deal out of birthdays, we decided that we would get them something very special for their 13th birthday gifts.

They first gift, they got a few weeks before their birthdays. Mainly because daddy couldn't wait to get them and wanted to use them.
Here is present #1;

Looks pretty excited doesn't he?

Redneck Barbie rides again!

Daddy reasons that they can use these on the farm.  I think daddy just wanted them and needed an excuse to buy them! I do have to say, they are pretty fun to ride. I told hubs that next year, we needed to get some for us!

Present # 2 isn't as big and flashy but I think it will get more of a work out than the 4 wheelers. We bought them their own iPhones. They have been sharing a little basic flip phone and it just wasn't working. My girl ALWAYS has the phone because she is the one who texts everybody. My boy is unhappy with that arrangement, not because he wants to use the phone, he just likes having it in his pocket. Go figure...
Here are a few pictures of them:

Wearing daddy's socks and boots. She was a daddy's girl from the beginning.
Baby boy was a water baby from the beginning

Angel Baby

First summer in GA

Loving on Chelsea

First fishing lesson with Daddy

Their first camo


They sure have come along way in 13 years!

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