Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election

I love America. I love that I am an American. I love that I had the right to go to the polls yesterday and cast my ballot. My voice was able to be heard. That is something that a great many people on this planet are unable to do. So, this morning, I was so disheartened to hear of a post on Facebook made by my husband's cousin's wife. I do not have Facebook any longer specifically because people will post the dumbest things and I was tired of seeing it. This person chose to make a few statements that have really ticked me off the longer I think about them.

Her first statement was "I am embarrassed to be an American." WHAT???  I have a cousin in the Marines, a grandfather who was in the Navy and numerous uncles who were in the Army.  They sacrificed so that we all could have the freedoms we take for granted. I am NEVER embarrassed to be an American and I am appalled at anyone who would say they are. My immediate response to her was that if she doesn't like our political process, maybe she should find a country more to her liking...say Cuba. I'll will bet she would just LOVE dictators! I did refrain from actually typing that response on Facebook (my daughter has an account and she was the one pointing it out to me). I only voiced my opinion to those near me in the kitchen!

Her 2nd moment of stupidity came in this post- "Anyone who voted for Obama, let me know so I can delete you as a friend. You are all terrorists as far as I am concerned."

Yeah, I know. Who anyone votes for is no one else's business but their own. I have many friends (and family members) who have political views that differ from my own but I respect their right to their own opinion. My daughter typed a response to her- "You can go ahead and delete me and I think ur crazy for posting this stuff on Facebook." Yes, she is her mother's daughter. She was much nicer than I ever would have been. (she gets that from her dad, thank goodness!)

Her 3rd moment of stupidity came in response to my daughter's comment. "You have no right to an opinion. You are like, 12." I heard my daughter furiously typing on her computer the following response "I have my opinion just like you have yours. I am not going to change it to make anyone happy. BTW-I'm 13." Yep, I let her post it. She was respectful, correct and courageous as far as I am concerned. She stood up to a family member and defended her beliefs just as she has been raised to.

I guess I should be grateful because this provided an opportunity for one of those "teachable moments" everyone talks about. We talked about tolerance and respect. We talked about our political process and how a democracy really works. We also talked about how some things shouldn't be posted on Facebook or the internet period because you can't take it back. It will always be there for the world to see.

I read a beautiful post from Shaye over at The Elliot Homestead, reminding us all that our true leader is God, not a politician. Our salvation and rescue will come from Him, not Washington, DC. While we must respect the office of the President of the United States, we must also remember who it is we truly serve." A nation divided against itself cannot stand." (I think I got the jist of that quote!)How true that is!
Peace to you all and let the healing begin.....

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