Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Only In The Country

Reason #384 I love living in the country....

You don't get scenes like this in the city! Don't quote me on this but I think these are peanut harvesters. We were heading down this last paved road before you get to our dirt road and had to pull over to let these big machines go by. As you can see, they take up the entire road! I love this! A few days before this, on this same road, we had to stop while they moved cattle from the pasture on the right side of the road to one down the road to the left. They just opened the cattle gates and the cows mosied on down the road to where they had the road blocked and they just sauntered into the new pasture. This rural living is exactly the kind of life for me. I love seeing the farmers working the land that provides us with food and materials. I love seeing a rancher carefully tending to his livestock so that they may one day feed my family. I love that my kids are learning, not only where their food comes from, but what steps are taken to get it to us. I love the peace and quiet out "here in the country". Sure, occacionally you hear a tractor plowing or a cow mooing or a rooster crowing, but these are the sounds of LIFE! Those noises are providing food, clothing and other life necessities for all of us. Load car engines, blaring stereos, people shouting, horns honking...what do they provide? Noise. Distraction. STRESS! I will take a 3 tractor backup over a traffic jam ANY day of the week!
Since hunting season has started, the sound of gunshots can be heard at dusk and dawn. Hubby and I lived in a city where you heard those sounds and you ducked to save your life! Now, these sounds are reminding us that some sweet animal has given its life to feed someone. Although, judging by the sounds of those shots, it is more likely that some sweet animal has narrowly escaped being dinner for the time being!

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