Thursday, October 11, 2012

GA National Fair

last weekend we went to Perry, Ga for the GA National Fair. I love fairs and this one is no exception! The fairgrounds in Perry are beautiful and well maintained. HOWEVER.....Most years, we go during the week when there is hardly anyone there. The weather is usually much cooler at this time. This year, hubby decided he wanted to go with us because he has never been so we went on a Saturday. BIG MISTAKE!!! I don't know how many people were there but it felt like millions! And it was HOT!!! There was very little shade so it was funny to see most of the people huddled under the awnings of the food places just to escape the burning rays of Mr. Sun. Let's just say we all got REALLY close!

We did have a good time in spite of the crowds and the heat. We first looked at all the animals. This is my favorite part of the fair. There were cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs and chickens. There was probably more but that was all we could see. As soon as we got inside where the cows were, my daughter stepped into a huge cow pie...IN HER BRAND NEW SHOES!!!! It's always something isn't it??? That's okay because by the time we finished walking around the goats, we had all stepped in something gross!

We saved the chickens for last and I was really disappointed with their set up. So much of the information and pictures that they provided were of commercial chicken farms which are NOT humane...or clean! The practices they preached just weren't how you would want to raise meat that your family will eat. I was a little sad. Then I noticed the names of the corporate info donors and Perdue was on there. Now it makes sense.
They did have a bunch of little chicks there that you could hold so my girl, of course, had to hold one.

Then it was on to the ride section. This is the twins favorite part. However, I think it was a little of a let down for them. We just got back from Disney 3 weeks ago where the rides are AWESOME and these rides were just so-so. They really didn't enjoy many of them. I think they are at that age where the "baby" rides are just ridiculous but the "adult" rides still scare the bejeebus out of them. There isn't much in the middle!

My favorite part was seeing just how crazy the food items were. Yes, we are in the south where we fry everything, but Oreos? Cheesecake?

The weirdest one? Deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough. Seriously...
I had my carmel apple that I always have and ate only the carmel and nuts like I always do. I figure if I only have it once a year, I can toss the apple without any guilt.

Once we had had enough fair stuff, we headed about 30 miles away to Bass Pro Shops. I.Love.This.Store! Since it is almost 2 hours from our house, we don't go very often. The first time I went, I told hubby I would rather just sit in the truck and wait for him because I was sure there was nothing in there I would want...3 hours and $400 later, we left. Hubs had a box of ammo and I had a cart full of stuff!!! I couldn't believe how awesome this place is. They have EVERYTHING! House wares, furniture, home decor, food, clothes, hunting stuff, boats, 4 wheelers. You name it, they got it. Plus the store is just beautiful.
This shot is just after you pass through the entrance area. The entrance is like a hunting lodge. A really nice hunting lodge!
Where else can you scare a bear....

...into submission.
Or commune with a beaver....
My daughter was convinced this was a porcupine!
Little man was pooped....
This is the view at the checkout stations.
Did I tell you how much I love this store????
It was a long night but a lot of fun with the people I love most in the world. What more could a mama ask for?!

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