Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Going to WHAT tonight?

Would someone please forward me the number for the complaint department for Mother Nature??? I have some serious problems with the state of my weather these days. Guess what we are expecting tonight? A FREEZE!!!! In middle Georgia!! In mid APRIL!!!! Who ever did this scheduling dropped the ball and needs to be FIRED!!!! So tonight, in MID APRIL mind you, I have to go out and cover all my plants. I have 7 4x8 raised beds and an area that is about 15' x 10' to cover. Exactly how I will do that has not yet been determined. Any ideas???? I have blossoms on my tomatoes and squash plants already. My green beans are almost ready to flower...AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. At least I don't live in NY or PA where they are getting pelted with SNOW! I am just so eager to get this garden producing so I can stop buying grocery store food. The thought of it freezing my plants to death scares me! The thought of having to rely on the grocery store PARALYZES me! I want to grow my own food, be responsible for the health and well being of my family. The weather NEEDS to cooperate! please....

If you haven't heard about this yet, there is a movie being circulated right now called Farmageddon. You can check out a trailer for it on YouTube. I would give the link here but I can't remember which blog I saw it on. Check it out. I watched the trailer and it looks to be alright. It has to do with the power hungry FDA and the fight with local and/or organic farmers that provide good, healthy food to people who don't buy in to the lie that the government has your best interests at heart. Yes, folks, raw milk is contraband in many parts of the US. Un-freaking-believable!!! Just let some government official come onto MY property and try and take my raw milk away from me! Okay, I need to GET some raw milk first. Actually, I need a cow first. THEN I'll have my raw milk and I'll show them! I'll drink it right in front of them! Well, maybe not me. I don't like the taste of milk. But my kids will drink it! Yeah, I'll just shut up now!

I just finished reading the 3 Hunger games books. Wow! I hadn't intended to read them but my son wanted the first one for Easter so I bought it for him. He raved about it. He read it in, like, 2 days. He's a BIG reader. Yay, one good trait he got from me! When he was done, he kept putting the book where I would find it; on my computer, on my nightstand, where I sit on the couch. So I figured I would just read the doggone thing and make him happy. I couldn't put it down! My cousin came and visited for Easter and she was reading the last book while she was here. She also had the 2nd one with her so she left both of them here for us to read. Normally, I let little man finish a book before I start it but he wasn't finished with the 2nd one by the time I finished the first so, whenever, he wasn't reading it, I was sneaking it to my room to read. I finished it and the 3rd book in a week. Like I said, I couldn't put it down! If you get a chance to read them, please do. My kids have already seen the movie but it is going to show here in our little theater in the next couple of weeks so we will all go see it. Even hubby said he would go. Guess he wants to see what I was so fascinated with when I was completely ignoring everything around me but THE BOOK.

Now, to figure out a strategy for my plants....

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