Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to Normal...

It's funny how much work it takes to get "back in the groove" after being away for only a few days! I have been home since Sunday evening and I STILL haven't gotten fully back into my routine. I'm close, though. The garden seems to have grown a foot while I was gone, along with the weeds. So I have been plucking them out every chance I get. I still have seedlings to get planted in their permanent places. Only I don't have enough permanent places for them yet! I started WAY TOO MANY seeds...again. Apparently, I ALWAYS do this. I can't help it. I love to plant things and sometimes I just don't think ahead as to where they need to be placed. I asked hubby if he would mind if I took over a little bit MORE of the front yard for some of my (dozens) seedlings. He just laughed and said I over seeded again. He will be scraping the grass up and dumping some dirt for me soon :) I didn't get a picture because I rarely take my phone outside (because I tend to DROP it!) while I am watering the garden but I did find a little bud on my zucchini plant. Ok, I planted a dozen zucchini plants not just one...I told you, it's a sickness!! I can't wait for the fruits (and veggies) of my labor to start coming in. The more I read about food found in the grocery store, the more I want to RUN to my garden and plead with my plants to grow, grow, GROW! I was reading an article in Prevention magazine about GMO laden foods. It really is scary to think that companies like Monsanto and Dupont are in charge of the health of my family as they provide most of the GMO seeds that are being grown. If you buy something in the store that is processed, chances are it contains GMO's. (Genetically Modified Organisms). If you buy produce from the store, most likely it came from GMO seeds or has been sprayed with enough pesticides to destroy a small country! I find it fascinating (not in a good way) that so many countries, including ALL in the European Union, have either banned or severely limited the use of GMO's but the US is increasing their use. I am afraid that with that increase, we will NEVER wipe out diseases like cancer because I fully believe that most cancers are caused by things in our environment. Scarier than science fiction, right???
Anyway, I've gotten WAAAAY off track so I will end this post here before I send anybody screaming for the hills (me incuded!)

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