Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kirk Cameron

I usually don't watch the news because there is so much junk involved in it. Drug addled, morally bankrupt celebrities having their 15 minutes of fame for the umpteenth time, neighbors stealing from neighbors, politicians behaving badly...However, the internet will keep me informed whether I want it to or not. I was just trying to check my email when the newsline splashed across the page about Kirk Cameron and his CNN interview. Before I go further, let me state that I really like Kirk. Yeah, I call him Kirk. We're on a first name basis. I loved him on Growing Pains when I was a kid (oh yeah, I had the crush!) and I have enjoyed his adult acting and respect the way he has chosen to live his life. Apparently, I am now in the minority. He gave an interview with Piers Morgan last night (I did not see it) and made some comments about gays. When I read what he had said, I honestly couldn't see what the big deal is. His stance is pretty much what the Bible says. Homosexuality is detestable to the Lord. Not the homosexuals, just the act. Yet he has been villified in the media. He was been sent hate mail and slandered because he has a belief that is different from society. Like society has this big moral compass or something. His former costar Alan Thicke went so far as to say he disagrees with Kirk and that "the Old Testament can't explain everything."  HUH? I am pretty sure that the Old Testament does explain everything. God is VERY clear about His views on certain things. Have we really fallen so far from His ways that we can't respect those who think different from us? The very sad answer is Yes. I have absolutely nothing against gays. They are some of the sweetest, most wonderful people I have met. But I do not believe that their lifestyle is something that should be advocated as "ok". God is very clear on this. I do NOT believe that they should be married. God states marriage is between one man and one woman. Why do people try to insert a "gray area" here? It is black and white. I guess it's a love the sinner, hate the sin kind of thing. And it IS a sin. It is called a sin, an abomination and detestable to the Lord in SEVERAL places. How can that be unclear? The media went so far as to say that Mr. Cameron should either bend to society's idea of right and wrong or just shut up. Excuse me, but we live in AMERICA! We have a little thing called Freedom of Speech and speaking your beliefs, when they are in line with God's, should NEVER be silenced! My hubby always says that opinions are like behinds, everybody's got one and no two are exactly alike. Society feels that cursing, sex talk, porn, lies and threats are all acceptable means of communication and that God's Word should not be spoken. That is very scary to me. What's even scarier is that so called Christians are siding with society saying that Mr. Cameron is wrong. Those Christians need to go back and read the Word. Read it again and again until it is imprinted on their heart. Never let others try and make you turn away from God's truth. His truth is the ONLY one that saves. All others lead to separation from God. As for me, I will choose God's ways over society's ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! By the way, I love how Kirk responded to his critics. He responded with love and kindness. No name calling, no hate. Love and Kindness. Who's truth do you think he is seeking? Who's truth are YOU seeking????  I am sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with my opinion, but didn't Jesus say we would be persecuted for His ways?


  1. What amazes me is that a "group" that claims it's a normal lifestyle, and just wants to be treated as normal; actually (proven by their actions) really wants to force EVERYONE to not only "accept" their sinful choices, but to give a nice big fat stamp of spiritual, moral, societal approval! We are such a small step away from TPTB making it illegal to preach the gospel - even in our churches! And if Mr. Thicke doesn't want to rely on the Old Testament, he might at least take a look at the New Testament - God gives up homosexuals to a reprobate mind (Romans chapter one).
    The Anonymous Homesteader

    1. Preach it sista!!! We are commanded to love everyone but not to yield to what everyone does. And while some things in the Bible could be interpreted a few different ways, when God calls something abominable and detestable, I don't see where that can be misconstrued.


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