Thursday, November 3, 2011


After celebrating the twins birthday twice and Halloween 3 times, I am glad I am done celebrating til Thanksgiving! I am also glad to be done with Halloween candy! That stuff is EVIL!!!!
The twins had a little party with the grandparents and their older brother on Saturday.
                                                               The Birthday Duo

My parents and my father in law. Mother in law is hidden by hubby's very cute head!

Honestly, I have VERY few pics of this kid doing anything NORMAL!

                                                                           The Cake (made by me!!!!)
Dontcha just love this cake???? I was so proud of myself. It turned out great and was soooooo yummy! There is ganache dripped over the top and when the birthday boy took a bite, he said "Oh my ganache, that's good!" He's so clever:)
Since their party was a few days before their actual b-day, we took them to dinner and a movie on their special day.
As for Halloween....We started out with a celebration in September when we went to Disney. We went to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. It has sort of become a tradition for the twins b-day, but this year we went in September instead of October. Then we had the Fall Festival at church on Sunday. It was a hoot! They kids loved it, our granddaughter loved it, our friends loved it.

This is our sweet lil Ella. She was so sick and I was ticked that her mama drug her out in the cold but at least she had fun.

This is our friend, Jason and his daughter Karley.

This was for the Trunk or Treat at the end of the festival. A great time for everyone! And MORE EVIL CANDY!!!!
You would think that Halloween was celebrated enough but nooooooooo. We had to do it AGAIN on the 31st. I had no plans to take the twins trick or treating because we live out in the country and would have to drive to town and go to one of the neighborhoods to do it so I just planned to stay home. Then I get an email from the "youth guys" at church and they wanted to take the kids to Haunted Davisboro.(It's a tiny little town down the road from us that had a haunted house and the main street stores-there's just 2-gave out candy)so I trekked them the 10 miles to meet up with the kids from church. All in all, they had a great time but I am glad it's over!
Of course no Halloween would be complete without some jack o lanterns!

 I think my boy's face says it all!!! Pumpkin inerds are gross!

The finished product! And yes, my daughter wears her tiara EVERYWHERE!!!!
I love Fall out in the country!!! ALMOST as much as I love Winter!!!! Our leaves are changing (and falling!) ,the air is cooler and crisper. This is such a change for a girl who grew up in SW Florida. The only changing of the seasons were hot and hotter. Palm trees and pine trees don't change whether it's spring or fall. While we don't live where we get a lot of snow, we have had some in the last couple of years. Here is our house after the first snow last year.

This is the entrance to our hunting lease. I have yet to see anything quite so beautiful.
I hope we get some snow this winter. Last winter we got an ice storm. NOT the same thing as snow!

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