Monday, October 3, 2011

Had a very nice weekend. Beautiful weather, the people I love most right next to me. What more could I ask for. Sunday in church, we had a guest deliver the message as our pastor is out of town. The guest wasn't really a guest, he's a member of the congregation and he did such a great job. He is also a member of our choir and has the most soothing, bass voice you could ever want to hear. His voice is the kind that should be recorded reading books or something. Anyway, he delivered such a wonderful message that it was easy to forget that he isn't a preacher by trade. He joked that he didn't feel worthy to be occupying the pulpit but he "owned" it yesterday. His message was on the Walls of Jericho and it got the twins attention because we just studied that in our Bible class. They listened very closely to hear the facts that they had already learned, no doubt to make sure he got it right :) At the end, he made a statement that really stuck with me. He said, "Life is better lived if we let God do His work, His way." How many times have we tried to impose our own will on God? What happens? We are left sorely disapointed as our ways are not His ways. Isn't it true that His ways are ALWAYS better? We may not think so at first but soon we all come to the realization that He does know best.

This is something I did over the weekend:

And this:

Aren't they cute??? I really love the Disney family one. Next time we go, the twins want to get 2 dogs for our 2 dogs. Then we decided to tell Disney to make chicken ones so we could put them all over the back window. Yeah, we get a little carried away sometimes.

Today, in the kitchen, we are having the following:

Whole Wheat Waffles with homemade applesauce

Leftover Taco Casserole from last night

Tortilla Lime Chicken
Roasted Parmesan Potatoes
Green Beans
Homemade Applesauce

Going to make a master menu for the month and go back to once a month shopping. I used to do it right after my husband's company went to once a month pay but it was a pain getting that much stuff at one time so I stopped. Now that I am no longer buying processed food & mixes, I am hoping that my cart won't be nearly as full. Of course, I will still have to go periodically and get milk and fresh fruits/veg but that should be it. In a very weird way, I am looking forward to it. I strongly dislike grocery shopping and doing it less will be nice. However, this is going to force me to REALLY plan out all meals and do a VERY detailed shopping list so I am not constantly running into town to get things I forgot. And believe me, I forget A LOT!

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