Friday, August 19, 2011

I LOVE living in the country!!!! You never know what you will see from day to day. Take today for instance. I was walking across the driveway to my husband's office and I saw THIS in the yard:
Please excuse the blurry nature of this photo. I have a really crappy camera. Anyway, this little spikey thing was wandering around the ground. What IS that you ask? Well, I really don't know exactly. Some type of catapiller (thank you Capt. Obvious, aka my hubby) This thing was a little more than freaky looking...and it could haul butt across the yard too! Of course we ALL had to go outside and look at the little alien thingy. Even the office guys had to come check him out. Or her out...I'm not really sure. Wasn't gonna flip it over and find out.

We also have very different entertainment out here in the country. A few weeks ago, my husband's aunt came up for a visit and she brought her granddaughter who is about the same age as the twins. I was making a cake that afternoon and they wanted to lick the icing bowl. Well, they were licking away when I happened to look up and saw this:

 My handsome boy....

My beautiful girl...

These lovely children decided to put the icing all over their faces and let the dog lick it off! How many city kids do you see doing that??? Of course you probably don't see that anywhere as it is a little unnerving to see a dog eating the faces of your family!! Ah yes, fun times :)

Living in the country means that Walmart is your only source for EVERYTHING! I went there last week for an eye exam so I could get a new prescription for contacts. The dr. gave me a trial pair but not the same brand I had been using. He told me to just try them, they were on sale. Well, I did. I mean who doesn't like a sale price, right??? UGH!!!! I went back for my week checkup and told him that I really didn't like them much. They were uncomfortable and my eyes dried out pretty quick and I wanted to go with another brand. He looks at my eyes and says to me that the lenses weren't fitting perfectly but they were on sale...Again I told him that I wanted to use my old brand. He says "Oh yes, that is a great brand. Very comfortable. They will fit much better, but they are twice as much." Hello!!!! When you are wearing something on your EYEBALL is NOT the time to go with whatever is on sale! Now I really like to save money but I think I can splurge a little on something that doesn't make my eyes feel like I am trying to look through sandpaper! Now if you will excuse me, I have to go peel these "sale" lenses off my eyeballs!

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