Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Days on the Farm

Sometimes you mean well but things don't always go as planned. Take today for instance. My husband finally wrangled the tractor away from me and decided to do a little bush hogging. Once he was done, he very sweetly decided to give the chickens some of the fresh grass clippings. The thought was nice but the execution was very ill conceived. Instead of bringing it in through the gate where the coop is, he flung it over the top of the 8 ft. fence. Chickens went flying everywhere and one actually went over the fence! Now, trying to convince a freaked out chicken to come back through the gate is not the easiest job in the world. She ended up in the bushes where a very large family of poison ivy live. A family I try VERY hard to stay away from. So we finally got her out of that and worked her ever so slowly to the gate where she went in like she knew that was exactly what we wanted her to do. As soon as she did, another chicken made a run for it. Now the outside temps were in the mid 90's but honestly, it felt like Hell's plantation outside. The last thing I wanted to do was chase another hen around. Thankfully, my sweet little chickie realized that they lady that feeds her was really not in the mood to chase her and she went in the gate to her little home sweet home. Well, hubby decided chickens didn't need anymore grass clippings so we went about our other farm chores. Since I am very possessive of my tractor, Big Green, I drive her around any chance I get. We had to sharpen the blades on the finish mower so my husband told me to drive it around to the barn and back it in to the empty stall. Let me just say, in my defense, I always pull it in to the very first stall, never into any of the others so just keep that very important tidbit of info in your head as I finish this story. So I was backing it up so expertly into the 2nd to the last stall when BAM! I hit the roof of the barn with the roof of the tractor. I couldn't figure out how in the heck that happened because the tractor fits just fine in the first stall. Then it dawned on me that the other end of the barn isn't as tall because the yard slopes. Ooops. My bad. Thankfully, tractor was just fine (Hubby NEVER would have let me live it down if it wasn't). Trim around the barn roof....well it needed to be replaced anyway:)

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