Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very happy, SAFE Memorial Day. Please remember while you are grilling out or swimming (both of which we will be doing today!)the reason behind this day off of work, the sacrifice of many, many men and women. The ultimate sacrifice. No matter what your thoughts are on wars, our military is very much needed in order for us to continue to live as free people. Without them, our lives would look so much different-and NOT in a good way!

I currently have a cousin in the Marines. As a matter of fact, she and her mom will be visiting us today. My prayer is that my family never has to "remember" her on this day. Sounds selfish, I know. I am so proud of her and what she is doing (as I am with all those serving and retired) but I want her to come home safe and sound when her military time is up. I want our family to be one of the "lucky" ones. There are so many families that never got that chance and today is a day for us to take a moment and really think about what their sacrifice means to us.

May God bless all of us with a time of peace.

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